December 24, 2017

Goodbye Flash; Hello HTML5 Technology

It’s an end of an era for Flash. Now, software providers and other tech-focused platforms are utilising HTML5 technology in its place.
Major browser suppliers are no longer promoting Flash, due to a number of glitches and faults that were apparent during use.
In recent times, NetEnt was at the forefront of boycotting Flash. They began converting their top-performing games to HTML5 in a bid to make for a better gaming experience.
This move means that players can expect a much smoother gameplay from NetEnt titles. On top of this, the technology is also being used for mobile devices, so on the go gamers can enjoy their favourite games in higher quality than before.
NetEnts table games and slots were swiftly upgraded to feature HTML5, and it’s expected Video Poker and other NetEnt games games are soon to follow.

Further Online Casino Games Expansion

Chief Product Officer at NetEnt, Henrik Fagerlund said, “This is an exciting time as we expand our technological reach and it is crucial we are able to give players the chance to keep playing their favourite games. We just recently released upgrades for four of our classic titles; Dracula, Spellcast, Excalibur and Jackpot 6000.”

Online casino gamers are leading hectic lives, and that’s why platforms like Mobile Casinos have become so popular. It allows for high-quality gameplay in any scenario. This is thanks to HTML5 technology. Previously, Flash was renowned for taking a substantial length of time to load and was not quite ‘open’, to all browsers. Ultimately, this made for a difficult gaming experience.

Apple and the Battle Against Flash/H3>

In the past, tech moguls have been exceptionally outspoken on their distaste towards Flash. This includes the late Steve Jobs, who notoriously spoke about his reasons for refusing to implement Flash into any Apple products with “Thoughts on Flash”.
Within his open conversation, Jobs was critical, yet fair. Pointing out genuine flaws and validating his reasons for the boycott.


Most importantly for online casino users, there was a severe issue with security and caused Macs to crash. As well as this, he touched on the effects Flash had on battery life. In stark comparison, the iPhone played a video for 10 hours using alternative software, while the Flash drained the other phones battery in half that time.

Essentially, with our mobile phones being used for everything from banking, to social media to past-times like online casinos, we need reliability. It’s been proven that Flash is more suited to older devices that do not use as much power. Unfortunately, given our reliance on our mobile devices, Flash didn’t stand a chance over time and is now considered perishable.

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