April 6, 2023

Easter Holiday Smackdown: UK Players Crush Canadian Rivals in Online Gambling Survey!

Easter weekend just got more exciting for UK gamblers as survey reveals they gamble more than Canadians!

Get ready for some thrilling news from Minimum Deposit Casinos – the premier iGaming company that reviews new online casinos and keeps you updated on the latest trends in the industry. We recently conducted a survey, and the results are in! Brace yourselves: a whopping 33.64% of players in the UK love to gamble during Easter Weekend, while only 20% of Canadian players indulge in the same way. This information gives us a fascinating insight into the habits and preferences of online casino players, and we’re thrilled to share these findings with you.

The UK boasts the world’s largest online gambling industry, generating an impressive gross revenue of over $12.5 billion for the year ended 2022. Meanwhile, Canada is quickly becoming one of the most prominent emerging online gambling markets globally, with over 10 million players. In March 2023, Minimum Deposit Casinos conducted an anonymous survey targeting individuals aged 18 and above who have participated in online gambling in the UK and Canada.

Our goal was to collect responses from 220 participants, with 110 from each country. By conducting this survey, we aim to gain valuable insights into the preferences and behaviours of online casino players in both markets. This information will enable us to continue providing the best possible service to our customers and keeping them informed on the latest trends in the industry.
We dug deep with our survey research – and the findings will blow you away!

  • Friends are the biggest influence on UK and Canadian gamblers, with 44.55% and 47.27% respectively being introduced to online gambling by their friends.
  • Age is just a number? Think again! The average age of gamblers starting in the UK is 24.17 years, while in Canada it’s 25.95 years.
  • Can’t decide what to bet on? Sports betting and slots are the top two forms of gambling in the UK and Canada, according to a recent survey.
  • Betting providers: how many is too many? 50% of respondents from both regions use 1-3 betting providers for online gambling. Are you one of them?
  • Are you in favour of stricter online gambling regulations? If you’re a Canadian gambler, then over 77.27% of your fellow gamblers agree with you.
  • The face of online gambling: Over 60% of male respondents aged between 30-44 years old participated in our recent survey. What do these results say about online gambling demographics?

As Easter weekend approaches, it’s interesting to note that our recent survey found that 33.64% of UK players gamble during this holiday, compared to only 20% of Canadian players. While Christmas was the most gambled-on holiday in both regions, the discrepancy in Easter gambling habits between the two countries is certainly noteworthy. With Easter just around the corner, online casino enthusiasts in the UK may be looking forward to indulging in some extra holiday gaming time. As always, Minimum Deposit Casinos will keep our customers informed on the latest trends and developments in the online casino industry, providing them with the best possible service and experience.

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