Celebrity Gambler – Martin Moshal: The Microgaming Man backing South African politics

By Ramona Depares

He may not love the limelight, but the limelight certainly loves him! Meet Martin Moshal, one of the men who’s had the strongest influence on the best online casinos. Born in Durban, Martin is reputed to be behind the lion’s share of political funding ahead of South Africa’s 2024 general election, helping the Democratic Alliance, Action SA and Build One South Africa achieve their aims. Just to put things in perspective, these are three of the most important players on the SA political landscape.

But this is not the main reason we’re interested in Martin. We’ve already mentioned that he’s one of the biggest names in the gambling world. This is because Martin is reputed to have made all the money that allows him to contribute to political and philanthropic causes in the online casino industry.

Although he’s not fond of giving interviews, leading journalists like The Guardian’s Rob Davies have credited him with changing the face of online casino real money gambling in his book Jackpot: How Gambling Conquered Britain. In fact, he is widely believed to have created the world’s first online casino software through Microgaming, which he also founded. Hence, he enjoys the nickname ‘The Microgaming Man’ to this very day.

This first breakthrough took place way back in 1994, when online casinos looked nothing like they do today and Martin was a fresh-faced graduate from the University of Cape Town, where he had specialized in information technology, accounts, business administration and economics. It was just the perfect mix of subjects to springboard his idea for a casino software company.

Back then, Martin didn’t have access to the fortune he enjoys now, and it took a bank loan from SA bank Discover Bank Ltd to make this dream a reality. Given his age and lack of experience, to secure the loan he had to offer a 50% ownership in what was to become Microgaming to the bank. The ploy worked, and the rest is online casino history.

Today, Martin is based in Australia, and he’s faced his fair share of challenges. The biggest spot of trouble he encountered was undoubtedly in 2020, when he was revealed to be the secret owner of Betway, which at the time was facing allegations of failing to meet responsible gambling requirements by offering cash bonuses to those suffering from gambling problems.

Martin had to admit to the ownership after the British media broke the news that he was the owner of an Isle of Man trust that was the main shareholder of Betway at the time.

Martin Moshal Statistics

Born: Durban, South Africa 
Birthday: 8th November 1971 
Lives:   Sydney, Australia  
Wife: Ilana Moshal 
Parents: John and Anna Moshal 
Siblings: Karen, Anthony, Richard 
Studied: Information technology, business and finance at the University of Cape Town 
Career: Entrepreneur, philanthropist 
Claim to fame: Founded Microgaming and created the first online gambling software 
Net worth: Unknown 
Interests: South African politics 
Biggest donation: R46.5 million rand ($3.8 million) to SA political parties 

Martin Moshal: The Microgaming Man

When Martin Moshal graduated, the world was a very different place to what it is now. The online space was still full of undiscovered potential, and nowhere was this more evident than in the sphere of online casinos.

Martin’s interest had always veered heavily towards online gambling, a topic he was very passionate about – and not just as a player. He was always described by friends and acquaintances as having one big dream, that of creating the first online gaming software that would popularize top online casinos and make them accessible to the vast public.

Martin’s academic background in finances and tech made him ideally-placed to be able to pursue this dream, as did his passion for political sciences.

It was 1994 when he got his proposal together and approached a South African bank, Discover Bank Ltd, for a loan. Although he met with a few challenges, the loan was eventually granted and Microgaming was born. Within four years, the company released its first game – Cash Splash, which was also the world’s first progressive online slot. Cash Splash was an immediate hit, popularizing online casino games and spawning multiple sequels and variations. To date, more than 27 years after its release, it remains a fan favorite.

Throughout the company’s early years, Martin was responsible for the vast majority of its successes, getting in a number of patents for game mechanics and jackpot wagering. By the time the company moved to Isle of Man in 2021, it was estimated that more than one-third of the world’s online casinos were serviced by Microgaming. Martin’s dream had officially become reality.

Today, Microgaming is synonymous with high-quality gaming software, and it has produced a stable of titles are considered the cream of the crop of games, present at all the best online casinos. Thanks to games like Thunderstruck, to Big Bad Wolf and Breaking Da Bank, the popularity of online gambling was secured.

Partnerships with Martin Moshal

If you’re wondering how Martin went from being a broke graduate to one of the richest people in the world – although he refuses to disclose his actual net worth – the answer to that is his natural ingeniousness. Remember how Microgaming wouldn’t have been possible without a bank loan? Well, the bank loan wouldn’t have been possible without Martin’s ability to think outside the box – and a good dose of luck too, of course.

When Martin first approached the bank, he had zero credit or business experience and the request was initially declined. However, it did lead to a meeting of minds with one of the loans and business advisors employed at the bank. That man was Roger Raatgever, and he immediately fell in love with Martin’s idea to create the first online casino gaming platform. So Martin went back to him with a counter-proposal – approve the loan and he’d sign off 50% share of his new business.

The deal was sealed and Microgaming was born. This innovative approach followed Martin in everything he did, leading to further successes along the way. It’s not exaggeration to say that everything he touched turned to gold, even going as far as to earn the nickname CyberSol, a reference to the achievement of entertainment and hospitality magnate Sol Kerzner, incidentally a fellow South African.

Today, Martin has fingers in a number of pies in the tech industries and is involved in various investment and entrepreneurial activities, including venture capital firm Entree Capital, which brings together a team of investors to identify winning entrepreneurial ideas and has invested into more than 130 start-ups worldwide. Although Martin always manages to keep details under wraps, his interests remain very focused on software development and other tech-driven industries.

Martin Moshal and Philanthropy

Martin’s legendary status is not simply because he is rich and successful. It has a lot to do with his strong reputation as a philanthropist. He is the founder of The Moshal Scholarship Program, which was inspired by Martin’s own journey and the challenges he encountered within the education landscape. The aim behind the program is to provide promising students from underprivileged backgrounds with the financial support needed to pursue higher education in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths).

The program has been active since 2009 and offers young people a full package of financial aid, mentoring, internships and even employment opportunities, going way beyond a regular scholarship. This has enabled students to equip themselves not only with education, but also with soft skills and the networking opportunities needed to foster successful careers.

Martin also is also reputed to be involved in other philanthropic efforts that are related to education, technology, and community development.

Closing Thoughts: Beyond the Billionaire

Martin Moshal is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in the online casino landscape worldwide, offering the perfect example of how business and philanthropy can work together to tremendous success. Although he continues to shy away from the limelight, plenty of those who have benefitted from his generosity regularly sing his praises online.

And, of course, casino players owe Martin an especially huge vote of confidence, as he was the main driver behind several gambling innovations that we take for granted nowadays. Clearly, crediting the man with the creation of the best online casino platforms is no exaggeration.

Celebrity Gambler: Draftkings Welcomes “King James” LeBron to their Court

By Thadeus Geodfrey

The Los Angeles Lakers super star LeBron James, popularly known as King James, has continued to expand his influence beyond the court by sealing partnership deals with renowned companies. The four-time champion recently announced in his X account that he has partnered with DraftKings, the second largest online gambling site in the United States. King James is a fan of Football, and his NFL picks on Instagram could have caught the attention of the sportsbook. He has millions of followers on social media, and the company believes his fans will continue investing in his NFL picks in the 2024 season. In this article, we will explore LeBron’s stats, his involvement with gambling, and the nature of his partnership with DraftKings.

Lebron James in Casino animated

LeBron James: The Player and the Brand

LeBron James started playing NBA in 2003 and has since signed multimillion-dollar partnership deals with some of the biggest companies in the United States. Below is a table showing some of his personal information, endorsements, and achievements:

Real Name LeBron Raymone James Sr 
Nick Name King James  
Birthday  30th December 1984 (Age 39 years) 
Born Akron, Ohio, United States  
Citizenship USA 
Spouse  Savanna James  
Children  Bronny James, Bryce James, Zhuri Nova 
Career  Professional Basketball Players  
Net Worth Approximately USD1 Billion (2024) 
Current NBA Team Los Angeles Lakers  
Position in the Team Small Forward, Power Forward  
Leisure Activities  Reading, listening to music, road trips  
Teammates  Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, etc  
Achievements  Won NBA championships four times: Miami Heat (2012 and 2013), Cleveland Cavaliers (2016), Los Angeles (2020) 
Endorsements DraftKings, Nike, Beats, Crypto.com, AT &T, McDonald’s, Pepsi   
Investments  Fenway Sports Group, Blaze Pizza, Spring Hill Company  
Favorite Football League  National Football League (NFL) 
Number of Followers on Istagram 160M 
Number of Followers on X 52.9M 
Number of Followers on Facebook  27M 

LeBron James and Gambling

LeBron James is a fan of NBA and NFL, but there is no clear information on whether he gambles or not. During the 2023 NFL season, James would only be seen going live on his Instagram account to give his NFL picks. He did this every week before the games started, with fans saying he only shared his expertise with those who wanted to listen.

The 39-year-old Basketball player, however, has been in the past allegedly being spotted gambling in Las Vegas during the NBA in-season tournament final. In a video posted on social media by a fan, King James is seen gambling in what looks like a private room at Wynn Casino. The video also shows a security guard approaching the fan and telling him that he cannot record LeBron because he is gambling. Lebron is also heard telling the security guard to check the recently deleted folder. The caption added to the short video shows that the Basketball player had $1 in Chips on the table.

In an interview conducted by federal agents in November 2021, Maverick Carter, who is a longtime manager and business partner of LeBron, admitted to betting on NBA. In his part, LeBron said that he didn’t know that his longtime manager placed bets on NBA. He further noted that Carter was not the target of the investigation, and federal agents were only investigating Wayne Nix, who was accused of operating an illegal sports betting ring.

More and more renowned athletes have in the recent past been involved with online casinos and online sports Betting, changing the public perception regarding online gambling. Most of the athletes are public figures trusted by millions of fans, and companies believe that partnering with such celebrities would increase their customer base. In other words, any engagement with a celebrity gambler is a marketing strategy, and companies have reaped a lot from it.

LeBron Partnership with DraftKings: A Closer Look

As part of the deal, LeBron James will work with DraftKings on various football initiatives, with a focus on Football Handicapping. He will achieve this by creating content on topics like weekly NFL picks. It is worth mentioning that NBA doesn’t allow Basketball players and coaches to publicly discuss matters related to betting on the league’s game. As a result, King James will not be covering NBA betting in his content.

More details about the deal, including financial transactions and the length of the partnership, have not been made public. In his statement, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins said, “Welcoming one of the most influential and greatest athletes of all time, LeBron James, to the DraftKings family is an absolute honor and privilege. We look forward to working with sports fans who share the same competitive mindset that echoes throughout the wall at DraftKings while delivering exciting engagement opportunities to our customers and his loyal fanbase for years to come.”

DraftKings’ vision is to build the most trusted and most centric destination for gambling fans. And with LeBron James on board, we can confidently say that the partnership deal aligns perfectly with DrafKings’ goals. The Basketball player has a deep understanding of the NFL league, and it is pretty clear that a good number of his fans will benefit from his valuable insights. Additionally, the partnership could result in more betting bonuses for LeBron’s fans and attract more audiences, including the NBA market.

LeBron’s Influence on Betting Culture and Fan Engagement

LeBron’s partnership with DraftKings is not just about NFL picks; it is about changing the betting culture. For a long time, the majority of people have been considering sports betting as an activity that goes against moral values. However, with iconic basketball players like LebBron on board, the negative perception about sports betting is expected to change for the better. The collaboration is also expected to change how sports betting firms engage with their audience. By partnering with renowned athletes, DraftKings is setting a new standard for fan engagement in the online gambling industry.

It is worth noting that having a high-profile athlete associated with a sports betting site could bring both benefits and harm. The brighter side is that Iconic Athletes like LeBron have a vast knowledge of Football, meaning players may get helpful insights that could influence their betting strategies. Betting firms that have signed the deal also earn huge profits due to the large customer base. On the other hand, over-trusting high-profile athletes could lead to problem gambling among bettors. Some celebrities may also rule you into signing up with scammers.

Closing Thoughts: Beyond the Court

The collaboration between NBA superstar ReBron James and the leading sports betting firm DraftKings marks a significant milestone in the sports betting industry. The 39-year-old Basketball player is an all-time leading scorer, and many people know him for bagging four NBA championships. His partnership with the giant sportsbook will see him share valuable insights and picks on NFL, thanks to his deep knowledge and passion for Football. Moreover, the partnership is expected to change the sports betting culture for the better. A new standard for betting firms has also been set, and we will now start seeing sportsbooks engaging their fans in a better way. Be sure to check how this partnership will unfold and what its impact will be on the sports betting industry.

Celebrity Gambler: Trainwreckstv loves slot games made by Pragmatic Play

One of the most popular Twitch streamers, Trainwreckstv, is known for his unique approach to online streaming. Trainwreckstv spends hours playing casino games, including slots and table games like poker, blackjack and roulette. He is also well known for his podcast, Scuffed, where he invites other content creators to discuss current online gambling topics. His creativity, and hard work has resulted in over 300 million views, making him the most-watched Online casino streamer on Twitch.

Besides Twitch, Trainwreckstv has a huge following on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, with regular posts to engage his fans. Twitch is a platform where people broadcast live casino games as they play casino games. Twitch casino streamers interact with their audience and offer helpful commentary on their game play, and many streamers offer give-aways, such as free spins or bonus funds for top-played casino games. In our article, we will explore Trainwreckstv’s success on Twitch and explore what he did to become as popular as he is today.

Trainwreckstv statistics

According to Trainwreckstv.net, and Wikipedia, Trainwreckstv might be very successful, but he has remained focused on creating quality content for his viewers. To ensure his channel remains a top-quality hub for online gaming and community building, he puts in the hours necessary without compromise. Trainwreckstv is known to collaborate with other streamers, so that he can upload even more interesting content for his viewers. Trainwreckstv has become a role model for aspiring streamers, who see first-hand that hard work and dedication are required to succeed in the streaming industry.

Trainwreckstv’s real name is Tyler Faraz Niknam, but he also goes by Trainwreck or Tyler Niknam. Born on 20th December 1990 in Austin, Texas, Trainwreckstv is already a millionaire with a net worth of $/€45 Million. Trainwreckstv works mainly on the Twitch platform, but recently joined another platform Kick. He also appears on social media platforms Twitter and Reddit, where he spreads the word about his channel. He is also involved in outdoor IRL, a gateway meant to help people explore the world through the eyes of a live streamer in the environment outside the home. Trainwreckstv started his Twitch channel in 2017 and, with his charismatic personality, soon gained a large following.

Trainwreckstv prefers to keep his family life private and has not shared much about his parents, but in one of his streams, he mentioned that his parents divorced when he was young. Before becoming a full-time streamer, Trainwreckstv was a personal trainer and played college football. He said that playing sports has shown him that discipline and determination is essential for his career as a content creator. His other passions include politics and social issues and has openly spoken out about mental health, overcoming addictions. Trainwreckstv has used his platform to raise awareness for notable charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

Real Name Tyler Faraz Niknam 
Stage Name Trainwreck or Tyler Niknam 
Claim to Fame Twitch streamer, YouTube, sponsorship deals 
Birthday 20th December 1990 
Age 31 
Net worth  $/€45 Million 
Marital Status Single 
Residence  United States of America 
Social Media Follower Accounts Twitch 2.1 Million YouTube 225,000 Facebook 221,000 TikTok 5838 
Highest Online Casino Win $/€769,500 on Buffalo King, by Pragmatic Play
Active Since 2018 
Favourite Online Casino Blaze Online Casino 
Net Worth $/€1.5 Million 

How did Trainwreckstv become popular

Trainwreckstv became popular on Twitch because of his entertaining personality and ability to connect with his audience. He started streaming in 2018 with humorous commentary on games like World of Warcraft. Trainwreckstv added to his fanbase by incorporating IRL (in-real-life) streams into his content and collaborating with streamers. This helped him increase his exposure and attract new viewers to his channel. Trainwreckstv quickly became one of Twitch’s most popular and successful content creators by being personable, offering relatable content, and collaborating with other creators.

How did Trainwreckstv get rich

One of Trainwreckstv’s primary sources of income is his Twitch channel, where he has built a large and loyal following. As a Twitch Partner, he earns revenue from subscriptions, donations, adverts, and sponsorships. On Your Tube, he also makes money through ads and sponsorships, and in addition to his online streaming career, Trainwreckstv has a fitness business and clothing line. He is also connected with MOe_TV, another popular Twitch streamer. Moe Assad was born in the United States on 8th September 1987. Also known as MOe_TV, he has attracted more than 700,000 followers since he started his channel in 2012. His success is attributed to playing first-person shooter games like Counter-Strike and winning tournaments like the CGS-ProAm Tournament, TXGF Summer 2006, and ESEA-Invite Season 1. MOe_TV also promotes online casinos like BetOnline and Rollbit and enjoys high-stake bets on online blackjack, roulette and poker. His wealth can be attributed to his first-person shooter game streams and online casino sponsorships, and today is worth anywhere between $/€1 million and $/€3 million.

Trainwreckstv makes more than a $/€1M a month

Trainwreckstv has shared some of the biggest wins and losses on his streams, but as casino games are inherently risky, it’s not uncommon for online casino players to experience both big wins and losses. Trainwreckstv has been involved with many companies through sponsorships and partnerships, but his most notable deal is with Bitcoin Casino, Stake, where he gets a reported $/€1 million monthly payout. Stake online casino and sports betting site was founded in 2017 and offer a range of casino games, including slots, table games, live casino games, and sports betting on various events.

Trainwreckstv is a brand ambassador for Stake, and besides the $/€1 million, he often holds streams for longer than 24 hours, with additional payments and benefits. It is unknown exactly how much Trainwreckstv gets from Stake as he prefers to keep his income and financial information private.

You can catch more of Trainwreckstv on Kick

In 2022, Tyler Trainwreck moved to a new platform, Kick, as an advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster. With a reported 95% sub-revenue split from Kick, he urged his viewers to follow him as he said that Twitch had deemed online casino and sportsbook streamers are “irrelevant”. He told his fans that Twitch had built an empire on the backs of streamers and offered no financial security and inconsistent policies. Kick is a cryptocurrency created by Stake in 2018 based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The idea behind Kick is to provide crypto specifically for online gaming and betting. Stake has been involved with several high-profile sponsorship deals, including Alfa Romeo Formula 1 racing partnerships. Both Stake and Kick have been featured on the team’s car livery, which often features the Stake and Kick logos interchangeably, which is likely due to different sponsorship agreements at different times. Stake and Kick online gambling and betting platforms have gained a significant following recently because of their Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN sponsorships. You can catch more of Trainwreckstv on Kick.

Celebrity Gambler: M0E_TV brings CSGO intensity to the casino

Streaming is one of the best past times for many individuals, irrespective of age. Today, there are thousands of online streamers, each providing exciting content that keeps their viewers enthralled. There are various types of streamers, and two popular streaming genres are video gaming and online casino gameplay. You can find these types of streams online, usually at streaming sites such as Youtube and Twitch.

The streaming industry has evolved over the years, and today streamers can combine various genres. One of the most watched streaming genres is gambling, primarily online casino gameplay and esports betting. Mohamad Assad, better known as MOE_TV, or just Moe, is a video game and casino streamer based in the US. MOE_TV was one of the first streamers to enter the video game streaming industry and is considered a pioneer by many viewers. His streams are action-packed and exciting, and consist of playing video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), a first-person shooter game. His love for video games has also introduced him to online sports betting, particularly esports betting. Besides playing video games and esports betting, he also loves playing at online casinos and has plenty of streams showcasing his various wins and gameplay on exciting slot games.

MOE_TV statistics

Stage names MOE_TV 
Real Name Mohamad Assad 
Date of Birth September 8th 1987 
Citizenship United States  
Age 35 
Height 1.77m 
Marital Status Married 
Net Worth $1 – $20 million 
Followers Twitch – 895K Youtube – 554K Kick – 1.3K 
Claim to Fame Twitch Streamer 
Favourite Casino Stake 
Biggest casino/esports win $288K win in CSGO betting 

MOE_TV loves streaming, playing casino games and slots and esports betting. Below is an important quote from MOE_TV about betting and its possible addiction: 

‘’…do not gamble if you can’t control yourself…I need a long rest.’’– MOE_TV tweeted about the importance of control when placing bets.

Where did MOE_TV get so popular

MOE_TV is a video game fanatic who has played games since the early 2000s. He initially began streaming his video gameplay, and his go-to video game was CSGO. Besides CSGO, other video games he enjoys include Valorant and Call of Duty. In 2005, MOE_TV became a professional video game player and entered numerous tournaments, where he has raked up considerable winnings.

2012 saw MOE_TV take his first steps into the streaming world, and he created a Twitch account and started streaming his video gameplay from the CSGO game. MOE_TV’s popularity grew exponentially, resulting in him entering a partnership with video broadcasting company Justin.tv. Twitch ended up being his pathway to fame and recognition, and today, MOE_TV is one of the most popular streamers globally. By starting his streaming journey so early on, MOE_TV is seen as a pioneer in the streaming world and is one of the first streamers to have had partnership deals in the industry.

However, there have been controversies that he has faced, mainly through his behavior on some streams. Like most video game streamers, MOE_TV rages a lot in his streams, and he can get quite angry when he losses. However, as we all know, raging seems to be a good thing for streamers and viewership numbers, so even his rage-filled sessions have brought him many fans and gained him more popularity.

MOE_TV is the king of online slot streamers

As we have mentioned, MOE_TV is also an online casino streamer, besides being a video game streamer. MOE_TV loves playing casino games, and his favourite gaming category is slots. He is one of the best casino game streamers globally, and his average views on his casino videos are more than a million. MOE_TV provides viewers with exciting casino gameplay, with heart-breaking tough losses but also eye-shattering massive wins, which will put a smile on any viewer’s face.

MOE_TV plays various casino games, and he is particularly fond of slot games that have bonus buy features and multiplier win opportunities. Some of his most played slot titles include Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Dog House, Starlight Princess, Sugar Rush, Floating Dragon, Hot Fiesta and Sword of Ares. Occasionally, MOE_TV also plays table games like Blackjack and Roulette. Besides his significant wins while playing slots, MOE_TV has become even more popular for his generosity. He frequently has giveaways for loyal viewers and subscribers, including cash prizes and gifts.

Kick is MOE_TV’s new home for slots streaming content

Twitch has been the streaming destination for many online casino streamers and gambling viewers; however, everything changed in 2022. In an unprecedented move, in late 2022, Twitch announced two significant changes to its platform; the prohibition of gambling content and the adjustment in revenue split for streamers. Both of these changes brought much uproar from streamers and viewers, resulting in a massive void in the streaming market for casino content.

A solution was quickly found, and Kick, a live streaming platform, was created. After much speculation and mystery, it was recently established Kick is a product in the portfolio of crypto casinos and sportsbook Stake. Kick is an excellent live streaming platform and has quickly amassed a large following of streamers and viewers. Some of the benefits of Kick include better revenue share for streamers, which is 95%-5% split, same day withdrawals, streamers keeping all viewer tips and donations and clearly stated policies.

Due to the gambling ban at Twitch, all the prominent casino streamers are now streaming at Kick, including MOE_TV, who has emerged as one of the fastest-growing streamers on the new platform. Some streaming content that he has on Kick includes CSGO gameplay.

Why Stake created Kick as a live streaming platform

Stake is a global crypto online casino and sportsbook established in 2017. Stake is owned and operated by Medium Rare N.V. Players at Stake have access to a vast casino library with slots, table games and a live casino. The sports betting platform is equally impressive, and players can place bets on popular sports such as Soccer, Football and Basketball. All sports betting markets are competitive, and sports betting features include live betting and outright betting.

Stake created Kick to help fill the void in the streaming market created by the updated Twitch changes. Initially, there was much criticism of the move, but once people realized that Stake is licensed and regulated, they were accepted in the streaming industry. Stake has tried hard to improve the opinion of gambling and online casinos, and has associated itself with many leading sports brands globally. Some sponsorship deals that Stake has with sports brands include deals with English Premier League club Everton and English Championship club Watford, and they are also the UFC’s leading betting partner.

Stake has recently entered the Formula 1 market and sponsors the Alfa Romeo F1 team. Through this sponsorship deal, Stake is expanding its global reach and gaining access to more viewers, especially in the Motorsport industry. The sponsorship with Alfa Romeo includes having customized Stake and Kick liveries on the team car, and these liveries have already created a lot of buzz in the industry. We must mention how cool the liveries look and how we wish to see them on a race day. Luckily, fans can view the Alfa Romeo F1 cars and their unique Stake and Kick liveries during special street demos.

Celebrity Gamblers: Nicki Minaj is the queen of getting the maximum out of casino sites

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, better known by her stage name, Niki Minaj is an iconic celebrity pop star from the United States. She has been one of the top-selling and most successful pop artists in the past decade.

She is the top selling female rapper of all time with over 100 million album sales. Award-winning Niki Minaj, the modern-day ‘Queen of Rap’ and public figure, has turned her interests and in fact her entrepreneurial prowess to the world of igaming, with an announced partnership with MaximBet as the online casino’s new brand ambassador.

Niki Minaj will be using her social media influence and aligning her branding with MaximBet on a deal that will positively affect the success of their online casinos. She will be expected to advertise the brand and partnership to fans through parties, merchandise and her alignment with sports and celebrity betting.

Nicki Minaj’s statistics

Birth Name Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 
Birth Place and Date Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago 
December 8, 1982 (Age 41) 
Nationality American, Trinidadian 
Stage Name Niki Minaj 
Claim to Fame Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, TV Personality 
Social Influence/ Reach Instagram – 228 Million Twitter – 28 Million Tik Tok – 19 Million Youtube – 26 Million 
Net Worth $150 Million (USD) 
Awards American Music Awards BET Billboard Music Awards Global Awards Grammy Awards Latin Grammy Awards MTV Awards More 
Marital Status Married 
Spouse Kenneth Petty 
Spotify Stats Monthly Listens – 55 Million Followers – 30 Million Rank – number 34 
Biggest Song ‘Starships’, ‘Anaconda’, ‘Superbass’ 

Minaj states in a press release that along with her exuberance over this partnership and her pride in collaborating with MaximBet, she say that she is “ready to fully step into my potential as a young, influential Queen, and owner and open doors for others to dream big … Place your bets! Let’s go!”.

Minaj is driven and committed to making this partnership a success and relishes the opportunity to continue to grow her brand and to work in the igaming space. She has expressed excitement and dedication to bringing her charisma and business mindset to see the success of this deal and to bring a unique celebrity experience to this iGaming organisation.

Nicki Minaj as the face of Maximbet

Niki Minaj is delighted to be stepping up as the new face of MaximBet and the biggest brand ambassador the organisation has seen. She will bring unparalleled visibility to the brand through her enormous fanbase and her dedication to engagement on social platforms. With around 300 million followers across major platforms, she is a powerful social influencer and one of the most followed social figures in the world.

Minaj plans to bring her entrepreneurial mindset and history of success to this brand to give advice as a strategic advisor to MaximBet and to let her creativity contribute to the direction of her marketing. She will also assume responsibilities as creative director to influence the organisation.

MaximBets CEO, Daniel Graetzar, is excited about the impact that this partnership is due to have on the growth and marketing strategy of the organisation recognising that Minaj is a “Brilliant Businesswoman” and that she herself is “one of the most powerful brands in the world”.

Who Is Maximbet

MaximBet is a US based gambling organisation that operates across multiple States in the US. It is operated by the Carousel Group and Maxim Magazine, making it a unique organisation that focuses on entertainment and lifestyle.

The service they offer via an agile and modern low minimum deposit casino allows clients to engage in the unique experience of virtual entertainment with real life celebrities, athletes, and influencers. Pushing the limits to bring players the fullest immersive gambling experience is very much their forté. MaximBet is an approved igaming facility for the NBA (National Basketball Association) and MLB (Major League Baseball).

MaximBet is a trusted entity in US real money casinos in a variety of States, although they are home to Colorado. The organisation is largely made up of Maxim, which is a popular men’s luxury brand which covers everything in their magazines about the luxury entertainment lifestyle, from sports cars to luxury getaways.

Now making an impact with their partnerships with the Carousel Group, and registered under the name MaximBet, we see them targeting a specific market of the igaming space, focusing on a luxury service for players to get a virtual experience with celebrities on gambling sites and online casinos. Check out our Casino reviews for an in depth review of this and many more casino sites.

The effect of the Nicki Minaj and Maximbet partnership

Daniel Graetzar, MaximBet CEO, sees a great opportunity in this partnership and believes that aligning their branding with one of the most successful celebrities in the US, will bring prosperity to their organisation and an opportunity for new collaborative ideas. This partnership poses a huge opportunity for success by joining the enormous reach and influence of Nicki Minaj with the edgy and exciting business plan and strategy of MaximBet.

The online casino market is no stranger to celebrity partnerships, however, this huge name is certainly a good bet for MaximBet. They can rely on Minaj’s business success and influence to create big media hype and to grow their brand as they focus on designing a unique igaming experience for clients with a celebrity centred approach.

The US Online casino market continues to thrive

The US real money online casino market is one that in the last few years has shown promising growth and continues to be a fruitful space to invest in. Commercial igaming is projected to experience significant growth over the next 5 years and to become a highly profitable area. In the US, we can see many organisations expanding and many new brands on the scene trying to capitalise on this projected growth.

Trends and statistics show us that 2023 has been a record success for the market, as we see organisations continue to expand and become more profitable. This thriving market is increasing its worth annually and is projected to continue on this trajectory.

As regulations are allowing for more States to expand their igaming strategies and to grow as a market, we are seeing this space become highly invested in, and can only expect to see it continue to grow. We are keeping an eye on MaximBet to see if they will continue to grow in the online casino space with this new partnership, and if they will see success from this new strategy.

In the US, the concept of gambling with influencers and celebrities seems to be taking off as a virtual experience is growing more traction and popularity amongst gamers who want a fully immersive experience.

Celebrity Gambler: Chris Rocks partnership with BetMGM slaps!

Chris Rock is a prominent comedian, actor, and producer who requires no introduction. Rock has etched his place in the entertainment history with a career spanning decades. His expanding affiliation with the world of Online sportsbooks and sports betting, particularly through his partnership with BetMGM, may surprise many.

What’s most noteworthy about Chris Rock’s latest appearance is his relationship with BetMGM, a major participant in the online casino and sports betting market. This association has aroused the imagination of both fans and gamblers, elevating him to the forefront of discussions regarding casinos and sports betting.

Below, we unpack the statistics about this star, throw light on his connection with BetMGM UK, evaluate his gambling views, and look at BetMGM UK‘s ambitions in the market. Stay tuned for the interesting voyage into this celebrity gambler’s world and his influence on the gaming landscape.

Chris Rocks Statistics

Let’s go into specific statistics and distinctive characteristics about this celebrity gambler, drawing from a variety of sources to produce a complete image of this multifaceted personality.

Chris Rock, born Christopher Julius Rock III, is a name connected with humor, entertainment, and cultural critique. He rose to recognition as a multi-talented comedian, actor, and producer known for his razor-sharp wit and insightful humor. His professional career has been nothing short of spectacular.

He was born in Andrews, South Carolina, and his roots in the American South have tremendously influenced his humorous viewpoint and storytelling.

This 58-year-old is a major force in the entertainment industry, commanding stages and screens all over the world. His physical presence mirrors his larger-than-life demeanor, standing 6 feet tall. His personal life is relatively discreet despite his familiarity with the ups and downs of relationships. Chris Rock has a net worth of $60 million.

He has developed a sizable social media following by engaging with fans across many platforms: 5.4 million followers on Twitter, 6.3 million on Instagram, and 7.6 million on Facebook. His online presence demonstrates his long-standing popularity.

Favorite Casino: Among the sparkling array of casinos worldwide, the Bellagio in Las Vegas holds a special place in Chris Rock’s heart. This choice displays his fondness for the flash and glamour that define the casino business. The Bellagio is noted its luxury world-class entertainment. He has had a major win in a poker event, which demonstrates his competitive attitude and expertise in the gaming business.

Additional Insight: Despite his fame, Chris Rock stays true to his roots, frequently incorporating his childhood experiences in the South into his comedy. His stand-up routines, television appearances, and iconic film roles have cemented his reputation as an entertainment icon.

Quote from Chris Rock:

“In gambling, the many must lose in order that the few may win.”

This Chris Rock quote not only exposes his viewpoint on the world of gambling but also hints at the dynamics that make it such an intriguing arena. It captures the essence of chance and danger that may be found in casino games and sports betting.

Chris Rock’s distinct blend of wit, intellect, and charisma has not only delighted millions. Still, it has also brought him into contact with the world of casinos and sports betting through his collaboration with BetMGM. This collaboration promises to inject excitement and energy into the gambling scene, cementing his position as a key figure in the world of celebrity gamblers. 

Chris Rocks Partnership with BetMGM is a first for the UK

BetMGM’s first advertising campaign, featuring Chris Rock as its ambassador, takes center stage. The campaign’s goal is to bring the essence of Las Vegas to the United Kingdom, representing a new era of sports and online casino fun. The star is pictured in a gold speedboat, sailing from the famed Bellagio Fountains to the Thames, evoking the splendor and excitement of Las Vegas.

The major goal of the promotion is to build awareness on BetMGM and its ‘golden’ products, which include price increases, better incentives, and the option to predict six correct Premier League goals for a chance to win a £2 million reward, known as ‘Golden Goals.’ Furthermore, BetMGM offers exclusive content and has one of the greatest jackpots in the UK, which is presently worth £15.4 million.

The campaign will reach UK consumers through a variety of media channels including live sport, television, out-of-home advertising, digital platforms, radio, and social media, ensuring widespread exposure and impact. Tomorrow Advertising and The Media Network handled the campaign’s media strategy and purchase.

Does Chris Rock Gamble?

The issue of whether Chris Rock gambles is what drove him to engage with BetMGM. Let’s look into the various motivations and see if there’s any information about his gaming habits.

Motivations for Partnering with BetMGM

The synergy between the entertainment and gaming industries is what inspired Chris Rock’s collaboration with BetMGM. 

The star had previously proclaimed his love for Las Vegas and his relationship with BetMGM, which aims to bring a taste of Las Vegas to the UK, could be motivated by his fondness for the city.

Opportunity for Business: Given the potential for considerable earnings and brand exposure, partnering with BetMGM may just be a lucrative business option.

Chris Rock has a global fan base, and his partnership with BetMGM allows him to expand his reach into the realm of online betting and sports gambling, allowing him to reach a global audience.

While Chris Rock’s gambling habits have not been made public, it is crucial to note that many celebrities keep their personal livesincluding their gambling habits, private. He probably gambles in private on occasion without bringing much attention to himself.

Is BetMGM Going To Be A Real Player In The UK Casino Market?

The entry of BetMGM into the UK market is a significant milestone that might position the brand as a major player in the local casino and online gaming industry. The company’s relationship with MGM Resorts International provides a solid base in the entertainment and gambling industries.

BetMGM’s differentiation strategy is based on bringing a taste of Las Vegas to the UK, as evidenced by its collaboration with Chris Rock. They are trying to distinguish themselves by delivering ‘golden’ promotions such as prize increases, improved bonuses, and unique content. Furthermore, their dedication to ethical gambling procedures lends credibility. Their ability to mix the appeal of Las Vegas-style while ensuring responsible gambling will be critical to their success as a top flight UK online casino.

Betmgm’s Other Celebrity Partnerships

To strengthen its brand presence and appeal, BetMGM has deliberately formed partnerships with a diverse range of personalities throughout the world. Jalen Rose, Wayne Gretzky, Jamie Foxx, and Barry Sanders are among well-known celebrity brand ambassadors. These agreements demonstrate BetMGM’s commitment to leveraging the influence of prominent people in sports and entertainment.

From Jalen Rose’s NBA insights to Wayne Gretzky’s renowned stature in hockey, these collaborations can increase the brand’s global exposure and solidify its position as a major player in the online betting and casino sector. BetMGM’s strategic alliance with these high-profile figures underlines their commitment to providing a dynamic and interesting betting experience to a diverse audience.

Celebrity Gamblers: Ray Romano proves why everyone loves online casinos

By Cobus van Wyk

In the world of entertainment and gambling, there are certain names that have become synonymous with specific industries. One such name is actor Ray Romano – known for his comedic talents and acting skills. He first achieved stardom with his role as Ray Barone in the 1990s hit TV sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. After nine seasons as the star of the show Ray moved on to a host of other successful roles in TV and film productions. Since his rise to stardom Ray Romano has also become known as a massively enthusiastic poker player at online casinos and an avid sports bettor.

Ray started playing poker as a teen and after completing the last episode of his hit television series, he felt burnt out and needed a break from acting. He turned his attention to his favorite hobbies – golf and gambling. He then made a name for himself in both arenas. As an avid golfer his ambition was to break 80 and thereafter play in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Aside from golf, his energetic and highly competitive nature demanded he find something more to keep himself busy with. He found his teenage poker crush to be the perfect outlet. He accepted the challenge which prompted him to enter the annual World Series Of Poker championship for 7 years running.

However, after admitting to having a gambling problem he took a break from poker, but says he still enjoys betting on golf at online sports betting sites and playing poker at online casinos.

Ray Romanos statistics

Stage Name Ray Romano 
Real Name Raymond Albert Romano 
Born Queens, New York 
Birthday 21 December 1957 
Citizenship USA 
Spouse Anna Scarpulla 
Children Alexandra (Ally) 1990 Gregory & Matthew (Twins) 1993 Joseph 1998 
Career Stand-up Comedian, Film / Television / Voice Actor, Screen Writer, Television Producer, Director, Musician 
Net Worth Estimated @ $200 million 
Claim to Fame Highest paid TV actor in history Numerous Entertainment Industry Awards 
Leisure Activities World Series of Poker 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015. 2012 AT&T Pebble Beach Golf Pro-Am Annual American Century Golf Championship 
Biggest Casino Win $19,681 – 2008 at the 39th Annual WSOP 
Most Popular Self Written Song Home Again & The Biggest Fool  

Ray Romano’s favorite quote to guide him through the WSOP was “Survive and Advance”. It is an excerpt from his favorite documentary covering North Carolina State’s unlikely capture of the N.C.C.A. title.

His other one is pretty much an old poker cliché “It’s poker, anything can happen and it’s a new day on Saturday. Look, I play just once a year, and as long as I’m still in it, I can still win it.”, which one can easily see how his view still links to his previous quote!

Ray Romanos involvement with Online Casinos

Ray first got into poker as a teen, playing the game with his buddies back home in Queens. After the final episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, from 2009 to 2011 Ray produced and starred in another popular TV show, “Men of a Certain Age”. Reflecting much of his own life struggles, it followed the life of an average middle-aged guy, who on top of everything else was also addicted to gambling.

At the end of the show, aged 47 at the time, Ray said he felt elated but soon panicked emotions started milling through his mind, prompting him to question his position in life and where he wanted to do with his future. This unusual mental state hit him pretty hard, plus life did not spare the rod, delivering a double whammy with his father passing away in 2010.

But despite all this, to this day, Ray still loves playing poker at online casinos.

Ray Romanos Gambling pedigree

Once Ray had a better handle on his gambling problem he returned to his favorite pastimes, poker, and golf. From 2007 to 2015 he competed in the world’s largest and most prestigious annual poker event every year, the World Series Of Poker (WSOP). Once in 2008 Ray won $19,681 after managing to make it through to the money round of the 39th Annual WSOP, finishing in 8th place of the Ante Up For Africa Charity event was his best ever result in the competition. Making it to the final table in a No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament was a beautiful feat for him. He apparently enjoyed contesting pots with Jennifer Tilly who went on to finish in fifth. In Vegas the actress is recognized as a skilled poker professional.

In June 2013, Ray ended up 9th in the $500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Survivor of the CPPT – Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza, walking away with a winning total of $4,137.

Since he’s competed in numerous smaller events, Ray’s next and latest notable poker result came in June 2023 in the $1,500 buy-in No-limit Hold’em Bounty Super Turbo Freezeout of the 2023 WSOP.

Ray Romano and responsible gambling

In a later interview Ray admitted to seeking assistance from Gamblers Anonymous because after the show ended, he realized he had a gambling problem. When questioned about his continued participation in the WSOP despite his problem with impulsive betting, Ray jokingly said “it’s safe because poker is not really gambling”. With a fixed buy-in and set limits his view is not entirely too far off the mark either. Besides, Ray is a realist who knows that he stands little to no chance of winning and doesn’t even consider himself as one of the top celebrity gamblers, he just enjoys playing poker.

But since his last WSOP entry, he no longer frequents the bookmakers and casinos that he enjoyed so much in the past. Instead, he now prefers placing virtual bets on golf at online casinos and sportsbooks. As a member of the PokerStars network he visits online gambling platforms nearly every day, regularly participating in private tournaments online. Many online casino operator owners have come to know him by name, not only due to his celebrity status but also because of his regular high value deposits.

Why Ray Romano is a role model for online gamblers

One of the key reasons behind Ray Romano’s role model status for online gamblers is his authenticity and trustworthiness. Unlike many traditional celebrity endorsements, Romano’s involvement in the gambling industry is genuine and credible. Moreover, his down-to-earth demeanor and approachability contribute to a sense of trust.

In addition to his entertainment prowess, his openness about his own gambling problems and the potential risks associated with gambling reflects a conscientious approach that resonates with audiences.

Celebrity Gambler: Amouranth and xQc Ditch Twitch for Kick

The popular streaming platform, Twitch, has been dealt a major blow after two of its biggest stars, xQc and Amouranth, joined the newcomer, Kick. Felix Lengyel, popularly known as xQc, left the Amazon-owned streaming platform in June 2023 after signing a 100 million deal with Kick. xQc is a popular Canadian streamer known for his expert online casino content, such as playing video games. He is also popular for chatting with fans and hosting reality shows. Before joining Kick, xQc had over 12 million followers on Twitch.

On the other hand, Kaitlyn Siragusa, popularly known as Amouranth, joined Kick a few days after xQc left Twitch. The American-based celebrity is one of the biggest female creators known for her ASMR content, hot-tub streams, gaming content, and OnlyFans. Amouranth’s contract details are not in the public domain, but it is believed to be in the millions considering she has over 6.4 million followers on Twitch.

Amouranth and xQc in Numbers

xQc and Amouranth are unquestionably some of the biggest streamers out there. These two have millions of subscribers across different platforms. Before leaving Twitch, xQc had over 12 million followers. As of now, xQc has managed to draw the attention of more than 304,000 followers on Kick. Well, this is a big number, considering that he has been on the platform for a few months.

Amouranth, on the other side, had about 6.4 million followers on Twitch. For the few days that Amouranth has been on Kick, she has managed to record more than 67,000 followers. It is worth mentioning that Kick is a young streaming platform that is growing day by day. What this means is that xQc and Amouranth will soon have millions of followers.

Here are some details about xQc:

Full Name Felix Lengyel 
Nickname xQc 
Date of Birth  12th November 1995 
Nationality Canadian  
Height  1.88M 
Favorite Game  Overwatch 
Claim to Fame  Video game streamer 
Followers  12 million (Twitch) 304K (Kick) 23K (Facebook) 1.5M (Twitter) 2.3M (YouTube) 
Net Worth  $100 million (estimate) 
Biggest Casino Wins 5M on the Gates of Olympus slot  

Below are some details about Amouranth:

Full Name  Kaitlyn Siragusa 
Nick Name Amouranth  
Date of Birth  2nd December 1993 
Nationality  American  
Claim to Fame ASMR content, hot-tub streams, OnlyFans 
Followers  6.4M (Twitch) 67K (Kick) 429K (Facebook) 3.7M (Twitter) 983K (YouTube) 
Net Worth  $20-$25 Million (estimate) 

Why this is Such a Big Deal?

The newest streaming platform on the market, Kick, is indeed giving Twitch a run for its money. According to Kick’s policies, streamers are not allowed to stream on multiple platforms at the same time. This is a major blow to Twitch because it means that streamers on Kick would have less or no time for live streaming on the Twitch platform. Twitch, on the other hand, is no longer enforcing the exclusivity agreement. What this means is that streamers can now create live content for other platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, but with some restrictions.

It is, however, worth mentioning that the $100 million deal that Kick signed with xQc is non-exclusive. This means that xQc can stream on other platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, at the same time. But with the exciting incentives available on Kick, we don’t think xQc will ever go back to Twitch. On the other hand, the deal that Kick signed with Amouranth was not disclosed. As a result, we cannot tell the amount of money she pocketed and whether the deal is exclusive or non-exclusive. All we can say is that Amouranth is one of the top-rated streamers out there, and she cannot take anything less than seven figures.

Who is Kick and Why Do They Want Popular Streamers on Their Platform?

Kick is an Australian live-streaming platform that launched back on 1st December 2022. The platform is believed to have been founded by Stake Casino co-founders Bijan Tehran and Ed Craven alongside former Twitch casino streamer Trainwreck. As you can see, the streaming platform is backed by Stake.com, one of the world’s largest online casinos & sportsbooks. Stake Casino used to sponsor Trainwreck so that he could promote casino products on Twitch. However, Twitch’s recent crackdown on gambling-related content saw their account banned, leaving them with no home.

Dozens of creators, especially those who streamed casino content, also got their accounts banned. Kick capitalized on this situation and created a streaming platform that would host former and popular Twitch streamers. Kick’s founders also needed a platform where they could promote casino products offered by Stake.com. As of now, the Australian-based platform has about 421 404 streamers and 113,672 viewers across the world. Moreover, the platform’s main streaming category is gambling content, with more than 4000 games being streamed in real-time.

Why Kick Might Be the Right Platform for xQc and Amouranth

Kick is definitely the perfect platform for xQc and Amouranth. These two renowned streamers have been the center of controversies, leading to multiple bans on Twitch. xQc’s first Twitch ban, for example, came in 2019 when he was banned for three days because of watching a YouTube video known as “Safe for Work Porn.” The Canadian-based streamer didn’t receive another ban until February 2020. This time, he got banned for another three days for showing nudity in his live streams. xQc also got another ban in June 2020 after showing a meme with two gorillas mating. This ban, however, lasted for a short period of time. Later in November 2020, xQc was banned for a week after he snipped another competitor during the Twitch Rivals Competition.

Amouranth has also been banned on Twitch multiple times for various reasons. Her first ban came in September 2019 after three years of streaming on the Twitch platform. Most of her videos are sexually suggestive, and it’s one of them that got her banned for three days. In particular, she was accused of exposing herself during live streams. Amouranth’s second ban on Twitch came in March 2020. This ban was a mysterious one, as Twitch didn’t reveal why she was banned. However, many of her fans assumed that her sexually suggestive videos could have led to the ban.

As you can see, both xQc and Amouranth have had hard times on Twitch. Kick is now their new home and is believed to be more creator-friendly than Twitch. In other words, rules on Twitch are more relaxed, meaning that xQc and Amouranth can create the content they want without getting banned.

What Can We Expect From xQc and Amouranth on Kick?

xQc and Amouranth have a brighter future on Kick. According to Kick, xQc’s first live streams resulted in the site’s breakdown. Addressing viewers, Kick’s CEO stated that the website crashed because the traffic was 50 times higher than usual. These statistics show that more and more xQc’s and Amouranth’s followers are leaving Twitch for Kick. Kick’s revenue cut is also generous at 95%, which means that xQc and Amouranth have chances of earning even more in the future.

Why celebrities keep getting casino sponsorships

In the Cambridge Dictionary, a celebrity is defined as someone famous, especially in the entertainment, music and sports industry. Embodying a lifestyle or image based on talent, wealth, beauty, and success is what most people aspire towards. Celebrities are always in the media, and the combination of their talent, and media attention, draws people in like an aphrodisiac. In recent years, social media has made it easier for celebrities to interact with their fans, creating more popularity than ever before.

Online sportsbooks and casinos regularly include celebrity sponsorships in their marketing campaigns to increase brand visibility and attract more customers. By associating an online casino and sportsbook with a well-known celebrity, credibility and trust are gained by players that admire the celebrity. Online gambling companies battle daily with safety, security and fair play, so having a celebrity as their Ambassador enhances their creditability and helps them build trust with their players.

When you consider the benefits, it makes all the sense in the world why gambling operators use celebrities for endorsements for sports and casino games. Some of the world’s most popular gambling companies offer celebrities sponsorship deals worth millions. One such example is Poker Stars, one of the most popular online poker rooms globally, which signs up celebrities as brand ambassadors to build their brand image. In 2015, Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo was signed up by Poker Stars, and in 2017 eight-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt became the Ambassador for Poker Stars.

Online Sportsbook Sponsorships

Elite football clubs operate massive yearly budgets to promote their brands. The global sports betting market is worth millions if not trillions, and with the proliferation of celebrity sponsorships, this figure increases every year. With bookmakers vying for attention, this has led to more novel marketing strategies. By aligning themselves with well-known celebrities, online sports betting companies, can position themselves as reputable and trustworthy brands.

Take for example Jose Mourinho, a Portuguese professional football manager and former player, who the British media called “The Special One.” One of the most decorated football managers of all time, Mourinho has been used by several online sportsbooks to promote their brands.

In 2019, Mourinho was hired by Paddy Power to be a special guest pundit for the UEFA Champions League final. He also appeared in several Paddy Power promotional videos, including one in which he cheekily tried to sneak onto the pitch during a match. In 2021, Mourinho was hired by BetMGM to be a brand ambassador for its USA sports betting platform. Also in 2021, Mourinho became William Hill’s brand Ambassador for its UK and international sports betting products. Jose Mourinho’s status and high profile have made him a valuable asset for online bookies. By tapping into his credibility with football fans, these online gambling companies have increased their brand awareness and attracted new clients.

Online Casino Sponsorships

Gambling has always been seen in a negative light and many articles have been written about the dangers of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is a serious issue, and regulatory companies such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority have worked long and hard to enforce strong responsible gambling tools. Players can limit how much they spend, and if the situation gets out of hand, players can also self-exclude temporarily or permanently.

While online casinos have an important role to promote responsible gambling, celebrity sponsorships can also help promote safer online gambling. They can raise awareness and promote a culture of responsible gambling. Celebrities can use their platforms to speak openly about the risks associated with gambling and reduce the stigma around gambling addiction. Besides being the reason online casinos rake in profits, celebrity sponsorships have the potential to positively impact the industry.

One such example is former Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney who appeared in several responsible gambling campaigns. In 2020 he was featured in a video, in which he spoke candidly about his gambling issues. He looked into the camera and asked, Do you gamble responsibly? This was followed by Rooney encouraging online casino players to set limits on their online gambling.

We have seen how online casinos and sportsbooks pay millions to celebrities to increase brand visibility, attract more customers, gain trust and promote responsible gambling practices, but there are other reasons for signing up celebrities to endorse an online gambling product.

To encourage women to play online slots and table games like poker, blackjack and roulette, in 2016, the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the global Hilton Hotels, was signed up to be the spokesperson and brand ambassador for online casinos. By the early 2000s, Paris Hilton was at the peak of her career as a fashion icon and trendsetter. By making her an online casino ambassador, a buzz was generated, and more females were attracted to the industry. However, it has to be said that using celebrities to promote online gambling can also be seen as promoting addictive gambling. This is why these days, online casinos focus more on using celebrities to promote responsible gambling practices.

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Terms and Conditions

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Celebrity Gamblers: Cristiano Ronaldo shows his gambling and poker pedigree

On February 5, 1985, is when Cristiano Ronaldo was born. He is a Portuguese professional football player regarded as one of the footballers of all time. Throughout his career, he has achieved remarkable success, playing for top clubs. Ronaldo is known for his exceptional skills, athleticism, and goal-scoring ability.

Ronaldo’s name has recently become associated with Online casinos and sports betting due to his endorsement deals with several gambling companies. He has become a brand ambassador for various online casinos and sports betting platforms, lending his image and credibility to their marketing campaigns. Ronaldo’s immense popularity and global reach have made him an attractive choice for these companies to promote their gambling services.

However, it’s important to note that while Ronaldo has been promoting gambling brands, he has not been directly associated with any gambling controversies or illicit activities. His association with casinos and online sportsbooks is primarily as a brand ambassador, leveraging his fame and fan base to enhance the visibility and appeal of these companies.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s statistics

Date of Birth Feb 5, 1985 
Real Name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro 
Stage Name Cristiano Ronaldo 
Claim to be fame Successful Club Career, Most Goals in UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, most Goals in a single UEFA Champion League, Most Goals in European League, Winner in 2016 UEFA European Championship, International Goals, Domestic League Titles. 
Place of Birth Funchal, Madeira, Portugal 
Age 38 
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.87 meters) 
Marital Status Extended team relation (Georgina Rodriguez) 
Followers Instagram: 586Million Facebook: 163Million Twitter: 108Million Tiktok: 4.8Million Youtube: 91.3K 
Favorite Casino Roulette, blackjack 
Biggest Win 4 goal 
Net Worth $525,000,000 
Goals Scored 674 
Assists 218 
Appearances 897 
Hat-tricks 57 
Trophies 37 
Ballon d’Or Awards 
Golden Shoe Awards 
Champion League Wins 

Cristiano Ronaldo the poker player

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned Portuguese footballer, has intended to develop an interest in poker over the years. Although there is no specific date when he first became interested in the game, Ronaldo’s passion for poker has become more visible in recent years. He has been spotted playing poker at various high-profile events and participated in celebrity poker tournaments.

Ronaldo’s interest in his poker skills was once noticed during the 2015 European Poker Tour (EPT) in Prague. He played in a charity poker tournament organized by PokerStars, one of the world’s largest online poker platforms. Ronaldo played alongside several other famous athletes, poker professionals, and celebrities.

Ronaldo vs Paul pokerstars

In addition to the EPT, Ronaldo has been involved in several other poker events. He has played in charity tournaments such as the “All-In for Charity” event in 2015, where he played against Brazilian football legend Ronaldo Nazario and poker professionals like Daniel Negreanu. Ronaldo has participated in the PokerStars European Poker tour in the Bahamas.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Ronaldo’s interest in poker extends beyond the game itself. His involvement in poker events often serves charitable purposes, helping raise funds for noble causes. This aligns with Ronaldo’s reputation as a philanthropist, as he has been actively engaged in philanthropic endeavors throughout his career.  

How Ronaldo became associated with Pokerstars

Cristiano Ronaldo has been mutual benefits for both the partnership between PokerStars and Ronaldo. PokerStars, one of the world’s leading online poker platforms, participated with Ronaldo in 2015 to promote its brand and expand its reach into the sports industry.

On the side of PokerStars, the partnership with Ronaldo helped enhance their brand recognition and appeal to a broader audience. Ronaldo’s global popularity as a football icon brought increased visibility to PokerStars, especially in regions where football enjoys a significant following. The collaboration allowed PokerStars to leverage Ronaldo’s colossal fan base and credibility, tapping into his passion for football and poker.

On the side of Ronaldo, the partnership with PokerStars allowed him to engage with his fans in a new and exciting way. Ronaldo has been known to enjoy playing poker, and the collaboration allowed him to share his passion for the game with his followers. The partnership also granted Ronaldo access to the global poker community and an opportunity to participate in high-profile tournaments, further cementing his status as a prominent figure in the poker world.

Since the initial partnership, Ronaldo has been involved in various PokerStars campaigns and events. He has participated in live poker tournaments, appeared in promotional advertisements, and engaged with fans through media platforms. Ronaldo’s charismatic personality and competitive nature have made him a fitting ambassador for PokerStars, helping to attract new players and retain existing ones.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is worth betting on

Ronaldo’s success can be attributed to his exceptional skills, determination, and consistent performance throughout his career. One of Ronaldo’s apparent successes in his consistent goal-scoring record is that he has scored over 700 destinations in his career, making him one of the highest-scoring players in history.

In addition, Ronaldo has won numerous titles and trophies throughout his career, including League titles in England, Spain, and Italy. He has also won the EUFA Champion League multiple times, both with Manchester United and Real Madrid, which has accomplished his ability to perform at the highest level and lead his teams to success on the biggest stages.

Regarding individual awards, Ronaldo has won the prestigious Ballon d’Or Five times. The award is given to the best player in the world. Ronaldo’s ability to consistently be in the running for this accolade demonstrates his exceptional talent and impact on the game.

Ronaldo’s success often attracts high-profile bets, with many fans and bettors hence raising their confidence in him to deliver outstanding performances. These bets can range from individual match predictions to season-long bets on his goal-scoring record or his team’s success.

It’s important to note that success in sports betting depends on various factors, including thorough analysis, getting a connection on the game, and a bit of luck. While Ronaldo’s track record suggests he is reliable, sports betting always carries some uncertainty.

Ronaldo the football star vs the gambler star

Cristiano Ronaldo is a renowned professional footballer from Portugal who has a highly successful career, playing for top clubs like Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. Ronaldo has a massive global following and often makes headlines with his performances on the field and his off-activities.

National team affiliations are typically based on players’ nationality. Therefore, no official reports or announcements have indicated that he would play for the Saudi Arabia national team because Ronaldo is a Portuguese citizen who has represented Portugal in international competitions.

Ronaldo possesses specific attributes that could contribute to his success as a poker player, such as his competitiveness, mental strength, discipline, and ability to handle pressure. Ronaldo’s worldwide fame and large fan base could also attract scholarship opportunities from the poker industry. Due to his highly recognizable and marketable figure, he could bring significant exposure to the game and contribute to its growth.

Professional poker requires dedication, experience, and a deep understanding of the game. For Ronaldo translating from a successful football career to a new profession would involve a significant learning curve that requires years of practice and specialization.

It is of benefit to remember that the future is unpredictable. While Cristiano Ronaldo’s future in poker is uncertain based on the available information, it is always possible for individuals to pursue new challenges and opportunities beyond their initial fields of expertise.

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