February 16, 2024

Celebrity Gambler: M0E_TV brings CSGO intensity to the casino

Streaming is one of the best past times for many individuals, irrespective of age. Today, there are thousands of online streamers, each providing exciting content that keeps their viewers enthralled. There are various types of streamers, and two popular streaming genres are video gaming and online casino gameplay. You can find these types of streams online, usually at streaming sites such as Youtube and Twitch.

The streaming industry has evolved over the years, and today streamers can combine various genres. One of the most watched streaming genres is gambling, primarily online casino gameplay and esports betting. Mohamad Assad, better known as MOE_TV, or just Moe, is a video game and casino streamer based in the US. MOE_TV was one of the first streamers to enter the video game streaming industry and is considered a pioneer by many viewers. His streams are action-packed and exciting, and consist of playing video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), a first-person shooter game. His love for video games has also introduced him to online sports betting, particularly esports betting. Besides playing video games and esports betting, he also loves playing at online casinos and has plenty of streams showcasing his various wins and gameplay on exciting slot games.

MOE_TV statistics

Stage names MOE_TV 
Real Name Mohamad Assad 
Date of Birth September 8th 1987 
Citizenship United States  
Age 35 
Height 1.77m 
Marital Status Married 
Net Worth $1 – $20 million 
Followers Twitch – 895K Youtube – 554K Kick – 1.3K 
Claim to Fame Twitch Streamer 
Favourite Casino Stake 
Biggest casino/esports win $288K win in CSGO betting 

MOE_TV loves streaming, playing casino games and slots and esports betting. Below is an important quote from MOE_TV about betting and its possible addiction: 

‘’…do not gamble if you can’t control yourself…I need a long rest.’’– MOE_TV tweeted about the importance of control when placing bets.

Where did MOE_TV get so popular

MOE_TV is a video game fanatic who has played games since the early 2000s. He initially began streaming his video gameplay, and his go-to video game was CSGO. Besides CSGO, other video games he enjoys include Valorant and Call of Duty. In 2005, MOE_TV became a professional video game player and entered numerous tournaments, where he has raked up considerable winnings.

2012 saw MOE_TV take his first steps into the streaming world, and he created a Twitch account and started streaming his video gameplay from the CSGO game. MOE_TV’s popularity grew exponentially, resulting in him entering a partnership with video broadcasting company Justin.tv. Twitch ended up being his pathway to fame and recognition, and today, MOE_TV is one of the most popular streamers globally. By starting his streaming journey so early on, MOE_TV is seen as a pioneer in the streaming world and is one of the first streamers to have had partnership deals in the industry.

However, there have been controversies that he has faced, mainly through his behavior on some streams. Like most video game streamers, MOE_TV rages a lot in his streams, and he can get quite angry when he losses. However, as we all know, raging seems to be a good thing for streamers and viewership numbers, so even his rage-filled sessions have brought him many fans and gained him more popularity.

MOE_TV is the king of online slot streamers

As we have mentioned, MOE_TV is also an online casino streamer, besides being a video game streamer. MOE_TV loves playing casino games, and his favourite gaming category is slots. He is one of the best casino game streamers globally, and his average views on his casino videos are more than a million. MOE_TV provides viewers with exciting casino gameplay, with heart-breaking tough losses but also eye-shattering massive wins, which will put a smile on any viewer’s face.

MOE_TV plays various casino games, and he is particularly fond of slot games that have bonus buy features and multiplier win opportunities. Some of his most played slot titles include Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Dog House, Starlight Princess, Sugar Rush, Floating Dragon, Hot Fiesta and Sword of Ares. Occasionally, MOE_TV also plays table games like Blackjack and Roulette. Besides his significant wins while playing slots, MOE_TV has become even more popular for his generosity. He frequently has giveaways for loyal viewers and subscribers, including cash prizes and gifts.

Kick is MOE_TV’s new home for slots streaming content

Twitch has been the streaming destination for many online casino streamers and gambling viewers; however, everything changed in 2022. In an unprecedented move, in late 2022, Twitch announced two significant changes to its platform; the prohibition of gambling content and the adjustment in revenue split for streamers. Both of these changes brought much uproar from streamers and viewers, resulting in a massive void in the streaming market for casino content.

A solution was quickly found, and Kick, a live streaming platform, was created. After much speculation and mystery, it was recently established Kick is a product in the portfolio of crypto casinos and sportsbook Stake. Kick is an excellent live streaming platform and has quickly amassed a large following of streamers and viewers. Some of the benefits of Kick include better revenue share for streamers, which is 95%-5% split, same day withdrawals, streamers keeping all viewer tips and donations and clearly stated policies.

Due to the gambling ban at Twitch, all the prominent casino streamers are now streaming at Kick, including MOE_TV, who has emerged as one of the fastest-growing streamers on the new platform. Some streaming content that he has on Kick includes CSGO gameplay.

Why Stake created Kick as a live streaming platform

Stake is a global crypto online casino and sportsbook established in 2017. Stake is owned and operated by Medium Rare N.V. Players at Stake have access to a vast casino library with slots, table games and a live casino. The sports betting platform is equally impressive, and players can place bets on popular sports such as Soccer, Football and Basketball. All sports betting markets are competitive, and sports betting features include live betting and outright betting.

Stake created Kick to help fill the void in the streaming market created by the updated Twitch changes. Initially, there was much criticism of the move, but once people realized that Stake is licensed and regulated, they were accepted in the streaming industry. Stake has tried hard to improve the opinion of gambling and online casinos, and has associated itself with many leading sports brands globally. Some sponsorship deals that Stake has with sports brands include deals with English Premier League club Everton and English Championship club Watford, and they are also the UFC’s leading betting partner.

Stake has recently entered the Formula 1 market and sponsors the Alfa Romeo F1 team. Through this sponsorship deal, Stake is expanding its global reach and gaining access to more viewers, especially in the Motorsport industry. The sponsorship with Alfa Romeo includes having customized Stake and Kick liveries on the team car, and these liveries have already created a lot of buzz in the industry. We must mention how cool the liveries look and how we wish to see them on a race day. Luckily, fans can view the Alfa Romeo F1 cars and their unique Stake and Kick liveries during special street demos.

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