Cheaper to Convert Currency?

Online gambling is accessible from all across the world. From European coastlines to the magnificent landscapes in New Zealand, through Canadian shores and Great Britain’s spectacular scenery, online casino enthusiasts join together to play slots, table games, video poker and even bingo at online casinos. Not only do online casino gaming offer maximum entertainment, but it’s relaxing to play your favourite casino games from the comfort of your home, no matter where in the world you live. Many factors attract players to a particular casino and casino banking method options offer a big part in deciding whether or not to register an account. The right currency must fit the player’s needs and there have to be enough security measures to protect the player’s information. These days, top quality casinos offer many depositing and withdrawal methods and this includes a wide range of currency options. Players can enjoy their favourite games at NZD Casinos, CAD Casinos, Euro Casinos, GBP Casinos and so many more.

So, is there a benefit to using pounds over euros or playing in American dollars over Canadian dollar casinos? Although Geography will be the biggest factor when choosing the best currency to bet with, many casinos offer multi-currency options which for many gamblers mean more money in their pocket. Gamers that play from the UK and Europe usually play at casinos with a license from the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, and because of this, British pound casinos offer the GBP as their currency while European casinos will offer Euro as their currency. Casinos that stem from Scandinavian countries will often add the Swedish Krona or the Norwegian Krone to this list while New Zealand dollar casinos offer Kiwi players the chance to play in their own currency, but can play in other currencies if they so wish. It might seem that the best currency to use is your native one, but huge drops and rises in exchange rates could mean it makes more financial sense to convert your funds before betting them.

At minimum deposit casinos, players have the option of depositing the smallest amounts and still be in line to play with casino bonus cash. Low budget gambling means that players can deposit at $/€1 minimum deposit casinos or opt to play at a $/€5 minimum deposit casino, at a $/€10 minimum deposit casino or even make use of a $/€20 minimum deposit casino. But in which currency is it best to play at? To put exchange rates in perspective, here’s how the American dollar compares to the New Zealand dollar and the Canadian dollar. At the time of going to press, the USD was sitting at 1USD =1.50710 NZD while compared to the Canadian dollar, the USD was sitting at 1USD = 1.34148 CAD. As you can see from the exchange rates, it’s always worth shopping around and comparing the exchange rates of the major currencies.

Which Currency Is the best to play in?

For players that want to get the maximum benefit from their hard-earned cash, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on money exchanges. See how the pound trades against the euro, or how the dollar trades against the pound, and decide if it’s worth converting your money before betting. Players need to decide whether it’s cheaper to make a minimum deposit of $/€20, for example, or whether it’s more economical to play at CAD/ NZD 30 minimum deposit casinos.

When players sign up to a new casino, the very first thing they will need to do after registration is to choose a currency and a payment method. This is a good time to give your choice of currency some thought as whatever you choose to deposit with the first time will be the default the casino uses to pay out your winnings. For players that travel for work or pleasure and want to use the exchange rates to their benefit, always check whether the casino will let you change your default currency once it has been set. Players can also choose to convert the money themselves by using services like TransferWise or digital wallets like Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. Although there are conversion fees, they may be cheaper than the casino’s rates. If the casino doesn’t have the means to change your currency at different times, the other alternative is to play at sister sites that offer the same range of games but offer different currencies.

The Best Currency to Play in while staying at home

As the coronavirus keeps us all housebound, online casino gambling has become one of the favourite ways to pass the time as it offers exciting entertainment and fun-filled casino games. More players are exploring new online games like Poker, Roulette and Baccarat while millions are trying new slots games. Online casino gaming provides a fun solution and playing the fun-filled slots and table games can also help players accumulate some wins. But for players across the world playing at Canadian dollar casinos, New Zealand dollar casinos and Great British pound casinos, what is the best currency to play in while staying at home? In our article, we will look at the ins and outs of CAD casinos, NZD casinos, GBP casinos and also depositing with EURO and Bitcoin.

Canadian Dollar

The Canadian Dollar is the official currency of Canada and as it is very similar in appearance to the American dollar, it’s differentiated by the symbols C$ or Can$. The Canadian dollar is also lovingly called the Loonie by foreign-exchange traders as on the one side of the C$1 coin, it features a picture of the loon bird.

For Canadians across the world that enjoy online gambling at Ca$ casinos, funding your casino account with the Canadian dollar offers a well-respected currency. Often online Canadian gamblers choose to play in USD or EUR as they think that they will open up a world of bigger bonuses and more gambling options but this is simply not true. In reality, funding your casino account with foreign currency doesn’t offer any advantages. If you’re playing from Canada, then the Canadian Dollar is the optimal choice to make deposits and withdrawals as converting your currency could result in more expense from the conversion rates. It might seem as if more casinos accept USD or EUR, but the truth is that the Canadian Dollar is accepted at just about all the top-rated online casinos.

We examine hundreds of online casinos that are tailor-made for the Canadian casino market and then select and review these casinos through a variety of important criteria, including deposit and withdrawal methods and accepted currencies. Our CAD Casinos, NZD Casinos and GBP Casinos offer excellent security, a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team, a large game selection, timely payouts and attractive bonus policies.

New Zealand Dollar

Gone are the days when playing in NZD dollar was only reserved for some online casinos. Today most online casinos will accept the New Zealand dollar. NZ$ Casinos have grown into a large and lucrative market and today more and more online casinos offer Kiwis the chance to play in their own currency.

New Zealanders that choose to play in other currencies could lose money through conversion fees but even though there are still many online casinos that accept other currencies such as the Euro, GBP or USD, for players in New Zealand, the NZD remains the best choice. Have a look through our NZD casinos and play your favourite pokies and table games with NZD dollar.

Great British Pounds

For players that are based in the United Kingdom, playing at GBP casinos offers the advantage of playing top slots, table games, Live Dealer casino games and a sportsbook that can be funded in GBP.

When you play at a British online casino and select the GBP as your preferred currency, please remember that all the bonuses and promotions will be paid in that currency. There are advantages to this and the biggest being that you will not lose any money through currency conversion fees. All your deposits and withdrawals will be paid in GBP and as the UK has some of the most relaxed online betting laws, it makes sense to enjoy online gaming in GBP.


Playing at an online casino in Europe means that you can benefit from depositing and withdrawing your winnings in Euro. One of the most popular currencies in the world, the Euro is offered at online casinos throughout Europe and even in some other parts of the world. For online casino enthusiasts in Europe, playing in Euros offers the best choice as conversation rates could land up costing in the long run.

At the time of writing, according to XE currency calculator, 1 Euro will buy you 1.08790 USD, 1.82172 NZD and 0.871649 GBP. As you can see from the rates of exchange, the currency you choose to play with depends very much on where you live, and the decision of which currency to play with will depend entirely on the player’s needs.


Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular and offer a wealth of reasons for depositing and withdrawing in Bitcoin. The greatest reason for transacting with a digital cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is that it is the most open financial system to date and offers complete anonymity. If you prefer to play at Bitcoin casinos, have a look through our recommended casinos and make your Bitcoin deposit today.

Do Casinos still accept Paypal to Deposit/Withdraw

Do you use a PayPal account? If you do, you’ll know how convenient and useful it is to fund your casino account. Using PayPal to make your deposits and withdrawals offers am extra Layer of Safety, Security, and Privacy when Gambling Online.

There’s no other online payment processor that comes close to PayPal in terms of volume of transactions. They are the leaders of eWallet services in almost every country and it’s fair to say that PayPal has become one of the most preferred methods for quick, secure deposits at many online casinos.

Online casinos offer a variety of casino payment options. You can use your credit or debit card, an eWallet service like Skrill, top-up cards like PaySafeCard and of course PayPal, the easy and cost-effective way to move money.

If you’re itching to start playing your favourite casino games, then have a look through our minimum deposit casinos. You can deposit the smaller amounts of $/€1 deposit casino, $/€5, $/€10 deposit casino or $/€20 at CAD casinos, NZD Casinos and GBP Casinos, and still get your hands on a great Welcome Bonus. We list the fastest withdrawal casinos so that your winnings can be deposited very quickly into your account.

Why Use PayPal?

Imagine you find the perfect online casino and are itching to play the slots and accept the very generous Welcome Bonus. You go through the signup process and are ready to make your deposit when you notice there’s no option for PayPal! How can that be? PayPal is one of the most popular eWallet payment systems on the planet! But then you notice you’re mistaken; PayPal is available at your favourite casino! Happily, more and more online casinos accept PayPal these days and for fans that enjoy funding their account with PayPal, it’s a relief! PayPal is popular and one of the best ways to deposit and withdraw winnings with ease and speed.

PayPal offers immediate deposits and quick withdrawals and with PayPal’s instantaneous transfers, there’s no waiting in pending status for days. As a player, you can easily play your favourite slots and card games from your desktop or mobile and whether you enjoy the slots, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette or Craps, when you win, you’ll also enjoy the minimal hassle of getting your funds transferred back into your bank account.

How To Use PayPal At An Online Casino


The first thing you’ll need to do is set up a PayPal account and this can be done quickly and easily by going to PayPal’s website and following the steps. You’ll need to input your billing address, banking details and other basic personal information and once that’s done, you can fund your account using a bank card or by direct transfer.

To make your deposit at an online casino, head to the cashier section and select the PayPal option from the drop-down box, when prompted to do so.


Withdrawing your winnings by using PayPal is also trouble free. At the cashier, withdraw as you normally would, but select the PayPal option. The only point to remember is that you can only withdraw to your PayPal account if you have your bank account linked to your PayPal account. As soon as you’ve withdrawn your winnings, your PayPal account will be topped up within 24 hours, but often the process is quicker than that.

Benefits of Using PayPal

PayPal is a genuinely incredible way of funding your online casino gaming as there are no fees involved and the process of setting up PayPal with an online casino is a pleasure. Deposits are processed instantly, and withdrawals are also speedy. Also, many online casinos are now offering special PayPal bonuses, so keep your eyes open and you could get your hands on some extra Free Spins!

PayPal is renowned for their security measures, a great way to prevent online hacking as your details will always be safe with PayPal. During your registration process, you will be asked a few security questions, but don’t give up or get frustrated as it’s the detail in the protection that makes PayPal such a trusted company. If you’re using PayPal for the first time at an online casino, there will be extra questions, but this will only be done the first time you use PayPal. Thereafter you will never need to spend time answering questions and thinking up passwords and answers to special security questions.

Disadvantages of Using PayPal

Although PayPal is one of the best ways to make your real money deposit, it’s not freely available at online casinos. However, as PayPal’s popularity is growing and more casinos are adding PayPal as an option, it will soon be more widespread at online casinos.

The Future of UK Casinos, Pay n Play?

Over the past couple of years casino gamers in the Scandinavian markets including Denmark, Norway and Germany, have been enjoying registration free online gaming. But what is Pay n Play and why is there no registration required? Pay n Play allows players to gamble without the need for lengthy and frustrating registrations.

The company behind this technology is Trustly and through an elaborate system known as Pay n Play, Trustly allows players to bypass the lengthy registration process linked with online casinos. Casino players simply deposit funds from their bank account directly to the online casino and then choose Pay n Play as their payment option. After the deposit has been made Trustly sends the relevant information to the casino operator thereby shortening the registration process considerably.

For UK players that enjoy top online casinos that accept GBP such as £1 deposit casinos, £5 deposit casinos, £10 deposit casinos and £20 deposit casinos, the thought of not having to go through the lengthy and cumbersome registration process is like a breath of fresh air. With the new Pay n Play system, players choose their preferred UK casino payment methods, make their deposit and opt-in for the Welcome Bonus and Bonus Spins. Have a look at our UK Home Page for great online casino deals, top bonuses and informative casino reviews.

What Are No Registration Casinos?

With no need for accounts or a registration process, players can simply play casino games online and enjoy almost instant withdrawals. There’s no need to supply personal information like email addresses and telephone numbers. Players log into the casino and start playing their favourite games and when they’re ready to leave, they can withdraw their winnings within a few minutes.

How Do They Work?

The process at a No Account casino has been simplified. A new player simply verifies their bank account and clicks on the deposit button, selects their country and bank of choice, enters the amount they want to play with, and verifies themselves directly with their bank! This doesn’t mean that the player remains anonymous to the casino, of course, they can see some information such as the name of the player and their account number, but they have no access to the more sensitive or personal data.

No Account casinos use Bank identification as a verification method when signing up and currently, this Bank ID verification process is only offered by Trustly.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages?

Registration at online casinos take a long time to complete and players have to part with personal and sensitive information. Safety has always been an important consideration and although online casinos have all the top safety measures in place, there are still times when accidents happen and personal information is exposed. Pay n Play casinos do away with the registration process and no personal information is needed for the casino. This makes online gaming very convenient. The process is fast and simple and players can withdraw their winnings in lightening speed. There is one big disadvantage for the online casino however, if they don’t know who their clients are how can they offer personalized bonuses and promotions?

Overcoming The Hurdles of Pay n Play

Pay n Play casinos are causing headaches for operators that work tirelessly to confirm client identity and the compulsory Know Your Customer processes. Casinos have to go through the long process of confirming their client’s identities as the law demands it. The casino has to find out know who their clients are and where their money is coming from. For operators in the UK, competing with Pay n Play casinos presents a huge challenge. The system is simple and players don’t need to provide an email address or telephone number. For the casino however, this creates a problem. It’s almost impossible to market bonuses and other incentives if you don’t know who your clients are. However, this can be easily resolved by offering incentives of bonus cash and Free Spins so that the casino clients are encouraged to opt in voluntarily.

Screen Scraping

Screen scraping is used by Pay n Play casinos. It’s when the online payment provider asks the user to provide the name of the bank they’re with and the information is recorded. The user’s data is held in an unencrypted format for the screen-scraping to take place and the data is then passed onto the operator. This could potentially cause a security risk, but to date, there have been no leaks reported across the industry. For Pay n Play UK casinos to be completely effective means that the technology needs to be adjusted, especially for the highly regulated UK market. Without effective new systems in place, the regulated UK casino market would not withstand the lack of certainty and it remains to be seen if Pay n Play casinos can be incorporated into the UK casino market.