The Top UK Bitcoin casinos in 2024

Bitcoin LogoIt comes as quite a shock to most when learning that Bitcoin has been around for more than 13 years. The first reports of the currency dates back to 2009, which quickly became a huge hit for investors, shoppers, miners, and even casino players from around the world.

Now combined with the latest technology, Bitcoin is much easier to get hold of, especially with various trusted online cryptocurrency wallets. Since it’s now easy and safe to use, it’s become a great choice for players seeking a fast and secure method to transact with online casinos without revealing any personal information. In fact, Bitcoin is now among the top safe casino payment methods and offers fast payouts that few other options can compete with.

Below, we take a closer look at why Bitcoin remains one of the best payment methods for players from around the world. We also take you through the basics of creating a Bitcoin account, buying the coin and how it works at online casinos.

Top Bitcoin Casinos

What makes Bitcoin a great casino payment method

Bitcoin online casinos provide a range of benefits that we’ve all been waiting for. Not only are they incredibly fast with deposits and withdrawals, but the fees are much lower, and players can claim much bigger bonuses.

Getting ready to use Bitcoin requires an account with a crypto wallet and purchasing the currency. Luckily, users can choose from a wide range of services that provide more than just easy and fast deposits at online casinos. In fact, you can use it for investments, online shopping, sending money, paying for services and much more.

At online casinos, players have access to higher security with Bitcoin as transactions are 100% secure, thanks to the blockchain. All transactions use a Bitcoin address, which is a 16-digit long code that’s unique to the specific wallet. Once a payment takes place, computers (miners) from around the world process the transaction, which is added to the public blockchain.

The reason Bitcoin is so secure is the fact that no one can make changes to the blockchain and none of the personal details appear. Instead, it’s a record of the transaction and the address that was paid. Thus, no details can be hacked or traced with payments whatsoever.

Since none of the traditional banking systems are involved, payments are completed in less than 10 minutes anywhere in the world. The delay simply applies to miners having to complete the transaction. There are also no fees other than the small token that’s paid to the miner, which isn’t a must, but it certainly helps make the transaction faster.

The Best online Casino that accepts Bitcoin

Finding a Bitcoin online casino in the UK seems quite easy. However, it’s important to use a trustworthy site that ensures these brands offer the best in gaming fairness, privacy, and security for their transactions. Luckily, our experts have already selected the most secure UK online casinos where Bitcoin transactions are available.

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Minimum deposits at Bitcoin Casinos

Players wanting to get the best out of minimum deposit casinos will find Bitcoin is the best option. As you might know, we provide a wide range of low deposits, including:

With fiat currencies, the lower you deposit, the smaller the bonuses become, and the higher wagering requirements are. However, with cryptocurrencies, players can activate bonuses with the lowest possible deposits and enjoy excellent rewards without the higher wagering requirements and restrictions.

Cryptocurrency casinos also don’t increase the minimum deposit after you’ve activated the first deposit bonus. Instead, this is their standard deposit amount, making it possible to activate all their offers for less and enjoy fair terms and conditions.

The Best UK Bitcoin minimum deposit Casino

Security and fairness are the most important with low deposit casinos, especially with cryptocurrencies. Our experts know exactly what to look for with these casinos to ensure our visitors have access to the most secure and trusted brands. Below, are our most recommended Bitcoin minimum deposit casinos.

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How to use Bitcoin at a casino

For those who have not used cryptocurrencies, the idea of getting your hands on Bitcoin might seem complicated. However, now that it’s widely available, many services have made it easy, not only to purchase it but use it as well.

Below, we take a closer look at the basics of registering an account with a crypto wallet and buying Bitcoin so you can use it at an online casino.

Creating a Bitcoin account

Before you can deposit at a cryptocurrency casino, you’ll need to purchase the currency. To do so, a wallet is the safest and most convenient way as it links to various UK payment methods.

To register an account, users can choose from a wide range of popular wallets. There are multiple options, each offering access to a wide range of cryptos and additional features that might suit your needs better. The registration process is easy, fast and might require users to verify contact information.

Many of these wallets also provide apps for mobile devices. This makes it easier to manage your cryptocurrency funds, make deposits, withdrawals and much more. Of course, it’s also possible to use their computer-based websites, offering similar options with secure websites and easy-to-use benefits, not just for casinos, but to send money, shop securely online and much more.

Funding your Bitcoin Casino account

Bitcoin wallets work in a similar way to web wallets such as PayPal. The only difference is the currency and account options you have as cryptos commonly include the option to invest and purchase other currencies. However, for players simply wanting to exchange their fiat currencies for crypto, all you need is a wallet.

Once you’ve registered your account with the wallet, simply use your bank account or web wallet to purchase Bitcoin with the crypto wallet. Users can either choose the amount of fait currency they’d like to exchange or the amount of Bitcoin they’d like to purchase. The payments are instant and the cryptos are available immediately.

Using your Bitcoin account at a Casino

While many online casinos allow players to use Bitcoin directly, if you want to use the cryptocurrency at UK-licensed casinos, you’ll need to use an additional payment service. This could include PayPal, Trustly, and more. These services instantly convert your Bitcoin funds into fiat currencies for the casino. In other words, you’ll use funds from your Bitcoin wallet, but will play in UK Pounds at the casino.

To use Bitcoin at a cryptocurrency casino, players can make deposits directly from their crypto wallet. The casino would provide their Bitcoin address, which is used to make a deposit from your wallet. Many casinos also make it possible to link your crypto wallet, much like web wallets, which makes it easier, more secure and less room for mistakes while making the transfer.

The greatest advantages of cryptos relate to the fast casino sign ups with Bitcoin. Since the currency is decentralized and unregulated, some online casinos have eliminated the need for signing up altogether. Thus, players can simply link their crypto wallet and play instantly with winnings paid directly to your cryptocurrency account.

No Wagering Casinos that accept Bitcoin

No wagering Bitcoin casinos bring the best benefits of online play together. Firstly, Bitcoin transactions are incredibly secure, easy to use and allow you to make lower deposits while claiming bigger bonuses.

As with most online casinos, these bonuses include wagering requirements. For those unfamiliar with the term, wagering requirements are what online casinos use to stop players from accepting a bonus and withdrawing the bonus cash without playing games. The terms are simple, play games a certain number of times to unlock the bonus and turn it into real money.

Having a look at the terms and conditions of a typical casino bonus would include sections such as wagering requirements (playthrough requirements) and game contribution percentages, which go hand-in-hand. To best explain how this works, we’ll use an example of a 100% match bonus that has wagering requirements of 50x.

If a player activates the match bonus with a deposit of £10, the 100% match bonus would result in a £10 bonus. The bonus amount (£10) will be added to your “bonus account”, which is separate from your real money account. Once you’ve completed the wagering requirements of 50x, the bonus is added to your real money account to be withdrawn or used as you please.

The £10 bonus with 50x wagering requirements means that you need to play the bonus amount 50 times on their games before it’s wagered. Thus, you need to play games to the value of £500 (£10 x 50) before it’s complete. For example, playing a slot with a wager of £2 would require 250 spins to complete the requirements.

Casinos take a step further and include game contribution percentages that stop players from using table games, live dealer games, high RTP slots and video poker by decreasing the percentage of the bet towards wager. Luckily, the majority of slots contribute 100%.

However, the advantage of no wagering online casinos is easy to see as it means the bonus is 100% cash from the moment you receive it. These casinos do not have a separate section for bonus funds, no game contributions and also do not limit you from using a betting amount of your choice.

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Withdrawals at UK Bitcoin Casinos

Withdrawals at a no registration Bitcoin casino occur instantly as winnings are added to your account as you play. However, even with crypto wallets, users are bound to be impressed with the incredibly fast services.

Of course, withdrawals also depend on the pending periods of the casino. Some require a few hours to verify the transaction and complete the payment. However, once it’s approved and sent, you’ll receive the payment in less than 10 minutes.

Withdrawals to a crypto wallet are handled in the same way as sending money to other accounts. Some casinos will require your Bitcoin address, which you can request using your wallet on PC or a mobile device. 

Should you use Bitcoin at an online casino?

Bitcoin casinos certainly provide excellent benefits for players around the world. However, it’s important to use a trusted site to find these casinos as some use the decentralized currency to provide unreliable and unfair gaming.

Once you’ve found a trusted Bitcoin casino and discovered just how fast it is, you’ll easily see why millions have gone away from the traditional fait options. Payments are faster, bonuses are bigger, wagering requirements are lower, fees are much less, and you gain access to provably fair casino games.

Bitcoin Casino FAQs

Bitcoin is still quite limited for online use as the majority of shoppers, bettors and gamers still use fiat currencies the most. Even though it’s been around for 13+ years, to most, Bitcoin is new and unfamiliar.
No, however, transactions are completed by miners (computers) from around the world and it’s recommended to apply a small fee to ensure your payment is completed as soon as possible.
Bitcoin has no policies regarding online casino play. It would depend on the casino and what they allow.
Bitcoin casinos are widely available and include various types such as instant play and those where you need to register an account. It would depend on the casino you choose and their sign up process, all of which are fast and simple.   
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