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Slingo CasinosA new wave of Casino Games has taken the UK online casinos by storm. Offering an exciting mix between online slots and bingo, Slingo is fun to play and offers attractive wins. Slingo came about in 1994 when New Jersey resident Sal Falciglia Sr. had the brilliant idea of combining his mother’s favourite game, bingo, with a slot machine. With great enthusiasm, Sal Sr. recorded his vision and then sourced a 1950s five-reeled slot machine from Mexico. He removed the original symbols of the slot game and replaced them with numbers from 1 to 75, a gold star, a joker, a devil, and bonus spins, and Slingo was born. With it being a relatively new genre, you may be unfamiliar with the mechanics, but we’re here to keep you updated on all the latest Online Casino UK Slingo developments. Keep reading to find out where you can play Slingo at top-rated UK Casinos, how to play Slingo, the difference between Slingo, bingo and slot machines, and much more.

Top rated Slingo Casinos

Our fastest payout Slingo Casino

If you’re looking for the most exciting Slingo bonus sites from across the UK, you’re at the right place. At Minimum Deposit Casinos, we search for the best UK slots, bingo, and Slingo sites so that you can play with real money at the highest-quality UK sites. Plus, UK players can enjoy the fastest payout at Slingo Casinos. Some of the most popular Slingo games include:

  • Slingo Extreme
  • Slingo Rainbow Riches
  • Slingo Centurion
  • Slingo Reel King
  • Slingo Starburst
  • Slingo Deal or No Deal

The difference between Slingo, Bingo and Slots

While Slingo, bingo and slots have many common features, there are differences:

Online Slots

Playing slots, bingo and Slingo offers mega entertainment value through colourful themes, crystal clear graphics, and catchy tunes. They are all playable on desktops, tablets and iOs mobile devices, and are created by leading software developers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Play’nGO. One of the main differences between slots and Slingo games is that while slots let you spin with each new bet, each new bet with Slingo gives you up to 20 spins.

Online Slingo

Online Slingo is an online casino game that combines slots and bingo elements. Players spin a set of reels and then mark off numbers on their bingo-style cards. Slingo has simple rules and offers fast-paced gameplay, which is a good option for UK players looking to try something new. Much Like bingo and slots, Slingo is a social game and can be played from a desktop or while on the go with mobile devices. Slots, bingo and Slingo games come with symbols, but with Slingo, some symbols offer more control over winnings, such as the Super Joker, which lets you mark off a chosen number.

Online Bingo

Online bingo is hugely popular at UK online casinos as it is a very easy game to master. At UK Casinos, choose a bingo room that matches your budget and gaming style, and then purchase your tickets. Once this is done, settle down and wait for the numbers which are called at random. Mark them off on your bingo tickets, and if you mark them on your ticket before anyone else does, you win a prize.

The types of Slingo games

Best Slingo Casino

Slingo combines the non-stop action of online slots with classic bingo game rules, resulting in a fun-filled game to try at online casinos. Standard Slingo is played on a 5×5 grid loaded with 25 numbers in random positions, and below the grid, there’s a row of bingo numbers in the form of symbols.

The original version is Classic Slingo, where players spin the reels and then mark off the matching numbers on their cards. The goal is to score points by filling in as many spaces as possible.

The next category is slots with Slingo, combining traditional slots gameplay with Slingo mechanics. Players spin a set of reels and then use the resulting symbols to mark off numbers on their Slingo card. Slots with Slingo use popular slot themes with exciting bonus rounds, bonus spins, and other special features. A great example of slots with Slingo is the Asian-themed Slingo Fortunes.

Slingo Jackpots offer progressive jackpot payouts, ideal for UK players looking to score big wins. The prize increases with each bet until one lucky winner lands the jackpot prize. Try winning a progressive jackpot prize by collecting 7, 8 or 9 gemstones with Slingo Diamonds.

Our Favourite Slingo game

We’ve mentioned many Slingo games popular at top UK online casinos, and at Minimum Deposit Casinos, we have our favourites too! Here are some amazing Slingo games you will want to try:

Slingo Fortunes

Slingo Fortunes – Get your fortune with the Asian-themed Slingo slot game. It’s filled with lucky red envelopes that hold real money prizes, then complete 4 Slingos to boost your winning potential.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches: An Irish-themed game that combines the popular slot game Rainbow Riches with Slingo gameplay for an engaging experience and the chance to win big prizes.

Slingo Starburst

Slingo Starburst: With stunning visuals and exciting gameplay, Slingo Starburst is based on the popular Starburst slot game. Slingo Starburst offers wins of up to 500 times your bet.

Return to Player Percentage for Slingo games

Slingo payouts vary depending on the return to player (RTP) percentage, with the industry average being 95%. RTP is a measure of the percentage of all wagered money that players can expect to get back over time. Let’s say you decide to play Rainbow Riches Slingo, which has a 95.60% RTP, then you can expect to win back £95.60 for every £100 wagered. RTP is not a guarantee of how much money you will win, but an estimate of the long-term payout percentage of the game.

The Minimum and Maximum Bet of Slingo Games

Your lowest and highest bets on Slingo games vary depending on the game. However, an average bet range starts with bets as low as £0.10 to £0.25 and can reach hundreds of pounds per spin.

Slingo Centurion Screenshot

How to play Slingo

Playing Slingo at UK online casinos is simple, and even if you’re new to the online casino scene, you’ll have no problem understanding the game. Choose your Slingo game, place your bets, and click the spin/roll button to start the game. The goal is to complete as many vertical, horizontal or diagonal Slingos as you can, and the more Slingos you complete, the quicker you’ll reach Full House. Special symbols will pop up on the reels, which can be jokers, super jokers, bonus spins, or coins for instant cash prizes. The jokers and super jokers are the most exciting as they make the game more interactive. Landing three or more jokers or super jokers awards instant cash, but beware of the devil, as this symbol blocks potential matches on the grid resulting in an empty spin.

Slingo Lingo

Common Slingo lingo for UK Slingo games:

  • Slingo – A single spin or round of the game.
  • Spin – Click the “Spin” button and start a new Slingo round.
  • Score – Points earned during a Slingo round.
  • Joker – Slingo symbol that marks off any number in the row above it.
  • Super Joker – Slingo symbol that marks off any number on the entire grid.
  • Free Spin – Without paying for it, an additional spin is granted.
  • Power-Up – Helps players earn more points.
  • Multiplier – Multiplies the player’s score or winnings.
  • Wild Symbol – Substitutes any other symbol on the grid.

Is Slingo worth trying out?

There’s a reason why Slingo is taking the internet gaming world by storm. It’s quick to learn, and easy to play, with thrills offered at every game. You may be surprised to hear that Slingo is actually one of the longest-standing online games of chance, it’s just that many new online casino players haven’t yet discovered it. Our pages at Minimum Deposit Casinos are filled with action-packed Slingo, so choose your favourite and play Slingo at a UK Online Casino. It’s fun-filled online gambling at its best, the themes are irresistible, and the chance to take home real cash wins adds to the attraction.

FAQs about Slingo Casino

Online Slingo is a hybrid between online slots and bingo games.
Register at one of our featured UK Slingo Casinos and deposit to play Slingo.
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Depending on the Slingo jackpot game, the payouts can be huge.
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Yes, you can play Slingo for free.
Slingo Casinos offer many bonuses, including a First Deposit Bonus and Bonus Spins.
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