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iDebit offers a range of payment options, specifically aimed at online users. It might be a new option, but it is nevertheless a very reliable option that provides users with a fast and safe way to perform any of your banking needs in online casinos.

iDebit, with a full name of InstaDebit International Solutions Ltd., is a great option for any online user, be it a player or the operator itself. Payments can be made directly from the online account, which makes this an easy and safe option. Better yet, casino players can even process their money whilst making deposits in a secure fashion, taking just a few minutes for them to complete.

Though not so common, it is a preferred online banking method all over the world for many online players. This is simply due to its high levels of security coupled with the ease of use that it offers. You can be guaranteed of high trustworthiness as well as protection on all transactions. Importantly, iDebit does not share any of the personal or banking details that you, as a customer, provide to them, so you can rest assured that your online presence is kept safe and secure.

There are a growing number of casinos that are choosing to accept transactions using iDebit, and this is increasing rapidly as more operators realise the benefits to this option.

iDebit offers online payments, which are very secure, and you can utilise your bank account online to perform withdrawals and deposits from your preferred casino. There are lots of different options on offer, so check them out. For instance, you can register for an account with iDebit, which you can use as an eWallet. However, even this isn’t necessary as you are able to use their service without registration, using them as a middleman to simply connect your accounts in your bank and casino together.

More importantly, iDebit is available in a number of countries, though it seems to have had the most success in Canada.

Advantages of IDebit

There are many benefits to using iDebit so we’ll start with the obvious one – it’s really, really easy to set up. To make an account, you just need to pop over to their main website – making sure to check that your casino actually accepts iDebit as a payment option. Once there, simply click the signup button. Then, find the bank that you use. At this point, verification is needed that this is indeed your bank through iDebit’s linking system. There is also a need for you to submit some documents to verify you and your account, but this is usual and simply helps to ensure security across all aspects of the transactions. Once that’s all done and dusted, you can go back to the online casino, register yourself as a new player, create your account and link you iDebit to it. And you’re done!

Probably the real biggest benefit this payment option provides is the fact that it has high levels of safety. All your banking details are highly sensitive, something you don’t want getting into the wrong hands. To protect you against this from happening, all of the data you provide is encrypted using an SSL protocol so that third parties can’t get access. In fact, the casino you are playing at won’t be able to see these details either. Better still, iDebit will ensure your money is readily available the instant you transfer to them. This means that you’re able to hit the slots instantly.

Time is another thing that iDebit takes pride in ensuring is at the highest level. Deposits can be made to their service without the need for a registered an account. As we mentioned, all your funds will be received immediately, and this means that your casino will also receive this notification. You don’t have to wait for your money to clear. Once it’s in, you will be able to get playing. There are some fees, but they are incredibly reasonable for what you get.

The final cherry on this exceptional cake is the fact that you do not need the use of credit cards. This means that when you are spending, that’s exactly what you’re spending – no chance to go over the budget when you get carried away spinning those reels.

Possibly the only downside to this exceptional payment service is the fact that it hasn’t been accepted everywhere yet. Only a few online casinos actually accept this payment option which does rather limit things. However, if you are in Europe or Canada, things do look a little better for you as iDebit is becoming widely accepted in these areas, commonly listed on casinos as an accepted option. In order to ensure that your casino does accept it, simply head over to their FAQ or banking information and check the available options before you sign up.

Fees and Timeframes

In terms of speed, the key here is ‘instant’. Unlike other transaction methods at online casinos, iDebit’s withdrawals and deposits both occur instantly. It will not take more than one hour for money to be sent from an iDebit account to the casino and vice versa. Now, isn’t that impressive?

There is one aspect that takes a little longer, and this is not about an online casino transaction but rather with iDebit itself. This is the transfer time from your iDebit account back to your actual physical bank account. When you choose to withdraw to your physical bank account, you need to wait for up to five days for this to occur. This is actually quite a long wait particularly if you have need of these funds. However, this is a less worrying scenario as it’s your bank processing the payment, not the casino. The latter option could result in some difficulties and you not seeing your money at all. At least with the bank processing, your money is 100% on its way.

Any payments between iDebit and the online casino do not have any fees involved whatsoever. Nothing! However, if you do choose to make payments via online banking, you’ll incur a £1.50 fee to make the transfer from the iDebit account. Additionally, transfers to the bank account at a cost of £2 per transaction but no secret hidden fees.

A big advantage iDebit users have is that you can organise payments from your bank account online, thus saving yourself some time. The money is in a more secure setting as it is between your bank and you, hoping this can lessen your worry.

For most players, this is really great news as it means any of your financial data is unlikely to be publicly released. Most of us want to use a reliable option for payments, and this emphatically proves itself to be just that. Not only that, iDebit provides top quality protection allowing you to focus on your gameplay knowing that everything in the way of money is already sorted!

Deposits with IDebit

If we’ve convinced you that this is the way forward, then it’s time to make some iDebit deposits. To do so you’ll need to sign up and create an account with the casino you plan on using, again ensuring it accepts iDebit. At this juncture, you can now decide how you plan on using iDebit in this setting. You can create your personal iDebit account, store some of your money within it and use it in the form of an eWallet. Alternatively, you could use it without needing to make any registration. If this is the option you choose, it is important to have an operational bank account, one that also accepts iDebit transactions.

With all this accomplished, you’re nearly finished. In your online casino, simply choose iDebit as the payment option. Then you’ll need to type in how much cash you’d like to deposit in your casino account. Then you can go to your iDebit, sign in (if you chose to make one and not simply be a guest) and get things rolling.

The other way, if you are remaining as an iDebit guest, is to choose your physical bank as the option. Log in to your online banking account, and then verify the transaction going through the process set out by your individual bank.

And that’s that! In minutes, you will see your cash enter your account in that online casino, and from then on, you can enjoy yourself online.

IDebit Withdrawals

No matter what casino you are at, there’s a cashout section. Depending on the casino, it can have different names such as Payments, Banking or cashout. These all operate in the same way a cashier in a shop, or indeed a casino would work. In this part, you should choose iDebit, once again logging into your iDebit account and approving the withdrawal you are trying to make. See, it’s super easy! For the most part, there shouldn’t be any issues involved but if you do encounter any problems, it’s a simple process to contact the casino via their live chat – most of them are more than willing to help with your concerns and get you on your way.

After the withdrawal has been requested, you need to wait for the processing time that the casino will have in place. However, the second that processing period is up, the money will appear in your iDebit account, and you will be able to start spending it. It’s so easy, simple, and secure. It’s a wonder it’s not more popular. It is important to bear in mind that most casinos will require you to use similar payment options for withdrawals as well as deposits. But seeing as iDebit is just that easy, it’s a logical choice and a huge advantage.


We have mentioned this a few times whilst extolling the virtues of iDebit, but it is 100% secure to use. It makes sure to comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), alongside a number of tax regulations. The regulations it follows are to make sure that there will be no scam.

Other securities in place include making sure that your personal and financial information is inaccessible to third parties. The iDebit site is at pains to explain that all information is stored in servers that are land-based with the best data protection protocols in place. Added to that, the facility is protected by excellent alarm systems and 24/7 guards. There is a 128-bit encryption protocol protecting all data, similar to those used by online casinos. With all that in mind, we can happily agree that iDebit does its best to ensure all protocols are followed to keep you protected.

Final thoughts

Efficient, reliable, speedy and safe, iDebit is easily a great online payment option, among others out there. For many online gamers, this is their first choice when it comes to transferring their money about. The main system it offers has been specifically designed to ensure that both your data and your money are completely protected. This makes it highly convenient for anyone playing online as there is no need to worry where your money is going. Instead, players can settle in and enjoy the games, earning themselves a little extra cash.

As we mentioned, this option is not so globally used which is a shame as it offers everything a player could need in an online payment system. Easy setup, secure transactions, complete data protection and ID verification alongside privacy control make this an almost unrivalled option.

But don’t let us do all the talking, have a look for yourselves and see how iDebit really is the best online casino banking option.