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Playing at online casinos is a popular pastime for millions of UK players. With each passing year, the games continue to get better and better, and online casino gaming continues to soar in popularity. But who do we have to thank for this?

The iGaming industry owes a big thank you to the online casino software providers who are truly creative and innovative geniuses who make use of the latest technology and exceptional creativity and vision, continually transforming the online gaming industry.

Online Casino Software Developers

Software developers are the masterminds behind casino slots, card games and table games. Companies like Microgaming and NetEnt have certainly set incredibly high standards for innovation and quality, which means that when online casino operators receive games to add to their portfolio, they’re assured a top-notch product that offers players a highly immersive gaming experience.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Take popular slots as an example. The slots are developed by independent companies. Their designers and engineers design and produce the titles using highly complex programming techniques. Typically, online game coding is designed using C++ which brings you magical slot games.

What’s more, a Random Number Generator is used to keep games fair and with the same odds. This device ensures that the wheels and reels stop spinning at random so you or the casino can never predict the results.

Of course, there are many incredible software companies on the market. We’re looking at five of the very best developers to understand why their work is vital to the online casino world, and especially for our UK players.

Why iGaming Software Is Important

Have you ever thought about what goes into an online casino game? There’s a lot. Just imagine not being able to log in to your favourite UK online casino to play your favourite slots in a matter of minutes. No doubt, you’d be frustrated.

Thanks to software developers and their amazing programming skills, you can log into your casinos and games effortlessly and enjoy interfaces that not only look good but are easy to navigate, no matter how complex the games may be. Best of all, games load with just a quick click.

Then, there’s all that exciting gameplay to look forward to along with stunning themes and plenty of extra ways to make money, like Bonus and Wilds rounds.

Here at Minimum Deposit Casinos, we often rate and review games from some of the very best software developers, and we only ever recommend online casinos that are safe, trustworthy and legitimately licensed.

Let’s take a look at some of the best software developers in the online casino market.


NetEnt is a pioneer in the online casino industry. Founded in 1996, the company didn’t actually launch its software until later in 2000. NetEnt is renowned for a user-friendly system and basic interface that lets you monitor all your wins and losses. The software developer boasts more than 200 incredible casino games that incorporate Java. That means UK players don’t need to download anything to start playing NetEnt’s games.


As an avid casino player, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Microgaming. They were the very first software developers to release an online casino in 1994. Based in the Ise of Man, the company instantly became a pioneering force in the industry. Microgaming has more than 600 brands and they guarantee at least two new titles each month. This developer continues to lead the industry and we are always in awe of their achievements.


Playtech is another software developer on whose games you’ve probably spent your GBP. Established in 1999, the company has quickly worked its way to becoming another leader in the industry. This innovative company provides incredible gaming solutions for sports betting, casino games, lottery games, mobile gaming and the ever-popular live dealer games. Most notably, though, is that Playtech owns the rights to produce Marvel comics slot games.


Do you love video slot games? Chances are you’ve played Betsoft games at your favourite online casinos. Betsoft offers an impressive collection of 3D video slots and they also have a decent assortment of table games, including video poker, poker, roulette, rummy and blackjack.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and they mainly focus on live dealer games. Their studios are based in Malta, the UK and Latvia, from which they broadcast HD live roulette, baccarat, blackjack and a host of other table and card games. More recently, Evolution Gaming has developed the very first live slot, Mermaid’s Fortune, which is proving popular with UK players.

Immersive Gameplay and Easy Navigation

The most difficult thing for UK players is deciding which online casino to play at since there are thousands vying for your GBP. It can all get a little confusing.

But knowing which casinos offer the best products can help you get the very best out of your online casino experience. One element to take note of is which software companies offer games and your chosen casino.

A renowned software developer will ensure that gameplay is always easy to use, smooth and without hitches or lags. A simple design will also use words like “play now” or “end game” so you can quickly navigate your way through the games.

At Minimum Deposit Casinos, we always recommend online casinos that have been put through our thorough review process to ensure they offer UK players quality gaming all the way. The games that we rate always offer intuitive interfaces, exceptional HD graphics, epic themes and the best possible games on the market. Of course, fraud prevention and privacy is always top of mind, too, since we want you to have a safe and secure experience every time – as do the software developers.

Fair Play Is Important

Arguably, the best thing about playing online casino games is that, while games of chance count on luck, it’s all fair play, ensuring every player has the same chance of winning the prize. Fair play, we’d say, is one of the most critical aspects of this industry.

To ensure fair play, online casino operators must be licensed and regulated by a third party who works to ensure that everything is legitimate. eCOGRA is one such popular company. When you come across a UK online casino that boasts an eCOGRA certificate, or seal of approval, you are assured that every time you play a game, you can count on security, reliability and complete fairness. eCOGRA, particularly, has stringent standards for responsible operator conduct and player protection. They continuously monitor and regulate casinos and their stamp of approval means a worry-free gambling experience for you.

Quality Graphics and Immersive Features

Since Microgaming introduced us to online casinos back in 1994, we’ve been enjoying tons of new and enthralling features such as free spins and bonuses. However, have you ever noticed how simplistic games and themes have made way for sensational graphics and immersive animations across casino platforms? That’s all thanks to the software developers.

These companies have created a flawless move from desktop to mobile devices and the visual aspect of the games has only improved with time, technology and innovation. Online casinos have certainly come a long way since the days of 2-dimensional games.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer games are still relatively new on the market, and they have proven extremely popular with UK players. It’s the perfect way to take immersive table gaming to an entirely new level. While visiting a brick-and-mortar casino used to be fun, now you can look forward to the thrills of spinning wheels and shuffling cards along with interactive chats with your dealer, all from the comfort of home – or even on your mobile device!

Incredible Jackpots

Another exciting innovation that software developers have brought us has been progressive jackpots. These are accumulative prize pools for a certain slot machine. The pot grows as players from around the globe wager on the game. Progressive jackpots can grow to staggering amounts over periods of time, changing a lucky players life in an instant. Microgaming and NetEnt, particularly, are renowned for producing progressive jackpot slots that have see players win prizes in the millions of Pounds.

Mobile Casinos

It’s only 150 years ago since the very first telephone was invented. Since then, the demand to be constantly connected to the world, along with amazing developments in technology, have seen phone development come a long way. From the 1930’s rotary phones to push button landlines, we now have fast and easy to use smartphones and tablets, and we’d be lost without them. Best of all, though, smartphones and tablets have paved the way for mobile casinos, which means we can take all the action with us wherever we go.

Online casino game developers were quick to embrace the technology so we could leave our desktops behind and carry on playing slots, cards, tables and live dealer games on the go. So, whether you’re sitting on the Tube, waiting for the bus or just grabbing a cuppa, you can carry on playing and never miss out on exciting bonuses and prizes.

The growth of mobile gaming has also encouraged an era of applications. Now, you can even download apps directly to your device, or if you prefer, simply access your chosen casino through your device’s browser.

Virtual Reality Is on the Rise

There’s been a lot of hype around virtual reality casino games, and this is certainly changing the casino landscape. Already, we’re noticing software developers embracing virtual casino technology to bring you a completely immersive gaming experience. Virtual Reality offers the perfect way to enjoy our favourite games while feeling as though you’ve stepped into an actual casino.

While this technology is still young, software developers are already hard at work on games that are going to change the way we use online casinos.

Keep checking back with us to keep up to date on the latest developments!

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