Live Casino Games Transformed with Virtual Reality

Not all of us casino game fans can hop on a plane to a casino and immerse ourselves in the Las Vegas experience. At most, we may get to enjoy this experience once in a lifetime. Of course, we can pop off to the local casino, but the experience might not be the same. Ideally, you wouldn’t have to budge from your cosy armchair while still enjoying live casino games.

Over the years, casinos have brought such experiences into our homes thanks to the internet. While it used to be just basic two-dimensional graphics and basic three-reel slots, the very idea of online casino games was desirable. Now, the online gaming market stands at billions of dollars and is forecast to reach staggering numbers in the next couple of years.

In recent times, there’s been a move towards improving the online casino experience, particularly when it comes to live casinos. Live casinos are designed to bring you closer to real-life gaming experiences, bridging that gap between brick-and-mortar casinos and online platforms and allowing you to join live sessions with live dealers in real-time.

The dealers are found in studios, sitting in front of a camera and dealing on real tables, be it online poker, blackjack or roulette. The screen shows the dealers the virtual players that are present during the session and the bets that are being placed.

Now, another casino experience is gaining a great deal of traction in the form of Virtual Reality gaming.

Live Casino Games and Virtual Reality Casinos

While live casinos are enticing for their degree of interaction, with Virtual Reality you get a higher level of immersion. While you might not have a live croupier dealing your hand, you will have a 360-degree view of a virtual representation of a land-based casino.

With VR casinos, you will feel just like you’re walking down the corridors of a casino. It’s a fantastic opportunity for uses and online casino operators. Players can enjoy a true-life online experience with real-time players and the ability to choose an avatar and chat with other gamers.

Where Did Virtual Reality Gaming Begin?

Interestingly, VR isn’t a brand-new concept. The very first attempts at creating a VR experience in the world of gaming kicked off around two decades ago with VFX1 VR Headgear and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. While both fell short when it came to delivering the stuff players had dreamed of for years, we can understand that the technology just wasn’t available at the time to transform the vision into a reality.

But, as 2016 rolled in, it brought with it new VR game releases that took the market by storm with exceptional quality Virtual Reality gear.

It’s no surprise that this technology has become attractive to a range of other industries, too, including the iGaming market which has sought to use Virtual Reality to create real-life, live casino games that take the gameplay and immersion to an entirely new level.

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