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Lucky Charms for Your Online Casino Games – They’re Weird, But They Might Work

Wondering how you could boost your luck when playing your favourite online casino games? We have a few ideas! In fact, here are some of the zaniest lucky charms players around the world swear by.

Lucky Charms for Your Online Casino Games

  • Ladders

We know we shouldn’t walk under ladders, and we’re too busy playing the latest progressive jackpot to bother, anyway. But, in Ancient Egypt, ladders were placed in tombs to help souls find their way to heaven. Because of this, and the fact that they create a triangular shape when propped against the wall, many consider ladders a symbol of good luck. Grab your mobile device and take a step on your ladder the next time you’re playing the slots.

  • Three-Legged Toad

This isn’t the prettiest good luck charm, but the Chinese culture swear by it. In fact, a three-legged, red-eyed toad is thought to bring prosperity and good fortune, and you’ll often find it in homes and businesses to keep bad luck at the door and welcome in money. It’s a little aesthetically challenged, but hey, place it next to your desktop the next time you’re spinning the roulette wheel and see if there’s any merit to it.

  • Cat’s Eye

No, not the neighbour’s cat, but rather a cat’s eye stone. In India, people believe that with a cat’s eye in your pocket, you’re bound for ever-lasting fortune. It’s also said to guard the carrier’s wealth from unfortunate or unforeseen losses and promote financial stability. Logging on for a round of live dealer poker? Make sure you have your stone at hand.

  • Scarab Beetle

Back in Ancient Egypt, amulets shaped as scarab beetles were said to keep carriers safe from all kinds of evil. The beetles are associated with the sun god, Ra and the rising sun. Ra is in charge of the sun rolling across the sky each day, just as the scarabs keep their larvae nourished by rolling dung across the grass. The beetle symbolises transformation and rebirth, so why not reinvent your lucky streak the next time you fancy logging into an online casino?

  • Tumi

This is the national symbol of Peru. No, it’s not a Paddington Bear figurine, but rather a sacrificial, ornate ceremonial axe said to bring luck. It’s not just any old axe, though, this one is characterised by a semi-circular blade and should be hung of the door or wall to bring in good fortune.

  • Alligator’s Teeth

Not just a peculiar fashion choice but wearing an alligator’s tooth around your neck is considered lucky, and it may prove more financially viable than the tooth fairy cash you get for your own milk teeth. Some cultures on the African continent wear them to bring good fortune and wealth when playing casino games. If you watch casino-themed movies, you may have picked up that some players wear them. Now you know why.

While lucky charms might not affect the outcome of your online casino games, they’re sure to boost your confidence!

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