Bitcoin vs trustly casino payment methods

Bitcoin or Trustly Which payment provider gives you more for less

Finding the best payment method to use at online casinos could take some time, especially if you’re looking for a long-term solution that would save you time and money while offering everything you need.

As you would have read in the heading, we’ve selected Trustly and Bitcoin to see the benefits they provide at online casinos. It’s important to choose payment methods that are available at the casinos you’re considering. If you’re new to online casinos, things will be much easier as we include both Bitcoin casinos and Trustly casinos that offer the best of what’s available in gaming.

There are many things to consider with both options, which is bound to affect the way you transact with the casino. However, keep in mind that both are highly secure, offer no transaction fees, provide instant casino deposits and withdrawals. The info below will simply make it easier to choose the ones that suit you best!

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that’s not operated by any banks or controlled by any government. Instead, the system purely relies on a peer-to-peer network that’s run from computers around the world. These computers are set up as “nodes” for Bitcoin, allowing the network to use these computers and complete transactions.

When a transaction takes place, it’s broadcasted publicly and it remains there until the transactions are collected, which occurs every 10 minutes. Once collected by the miners, they are all added to a block, which is basically a collection of transactions made in the last 10 minutes. They are then added to the chain (books) of Bitcoin transactions.

Therefore, the system requires no central system that completes transactions and records them as with banks. Instead, everything is done securely with nodes across the world, which are used to complete the payments. The owners of nodes have no effect on the transaction and won’t be able to alter it in any possible way.

Since this is a digital currency, you’ll need a wallet to hold your coins, which can either be a web wallet service or a brain wallet, which refers to memorizing the Bitcoin code. Without the code or wallet, there’s no way of showing the Bitcoin you own or to use it.

How Does Bitcoin work with Casinos

Assuming you don’t already own Bitcoin, the easier way to obtain the currency is through a Bitcoin wallet online. Be sure to choose a wallet that’s secure, highly recommended and has excellent ratings from actual users.

Find casinos that support Bitcoin as a deposit method

Once you’ve created an account, purchase as much Bitcoin as you’d like. You can then choose a casino on our website to register your account and connect your Bitcoin wallet. Some casinos allow you to use the Bitcoin code instead, allowing you to collect your wallet to the casino and use the funds to play games without going through the depositing system. This system also adds winnings directly to your account.

The majority of online casinos use the depositing system, which is just as easy. You just need to follow the steps, enter the amount you’d like to deposit and complete the transaction. Since Bitcoin transactions need to be collected and added to a blockchain, the transaction could take up to 10 minutes before it arrives at the casino.

What is Trustly

Trustly is a web wallet otherwise known as an E-wallet (Electronic wallet), which means it’s used for online transactions. However, there’s a difference as you connect the Trustly account directly with your bank. This means you don’t need to send funds from your bank account to Trustly and then to the casino. Instead, you sign up for Trustly, link it with your bank account and instantly send money from your bank to the casino!

This makes the entire process much safer as you don’t need to supply anyone with your banking details, not even the Trustly service. Therefore, you can see this payment method as a bridge between your bank and the casino while offering much higher levels of security. There are no account or transaction fees, making it a brilliant competitor for Bitcoin Casinos!

How Does Trustly work with Casinos

Using Trustly at online casinos also requires you to open an account with Trustly first. This takes only a few minutes as you provide your basic info. Once you have an account, choose one of our Trustly online casinos and create your casino account as well.

Find casinos that support Trustly as a deposit method

On the cashier page at the casino, you’ll find the Trustly payment method. You’ll need to select the amount you’d like to deposit and activate the casino bonus if the option is available. Thereafter, simply follow the steps to log into your bank and confirm the payment. You might need to verify the payment through the two-step verification process after which the payment is complete.

Is Bitcoin or Trustly better for casinos?

Bitcoin and Trustly are both excellent casino payment methods but apply to different players and what they might desire. If you’re just looking for an easy and secure way to transact with the casino, then Trustly has everything you need. They are hassle-free, easy to use and offer excellent services without any transaction fees.

Bitcoin on the other hand is even more secure as none of your details form part of the transaction. It’s a bit more complicated, especially if you’re new to the currency and how it all works. However, there’s nothing complicated that you’d need to do as it’s all automatic. Thus, you can simply complete payments and enjoy the security benefits and the value increases of Bitcoin.

FAQs about Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is a popular payment method at some of the best online casinos. To find more of these that have passed our tests, visit the Bitcoins casinos page. Here you’ll find loads of unique casino bonuses and can view all the details in the reviews.
It is important to choose a trusted Bitcoin casino as found on our website. Since this is a decentralized currency, there have been some online casinos that provide much lower RTPs and unusual terms and conditions with their bonuses. They also tend to provide poor games, which you won’t find at our recommended brands. Instead, you’ll see the best games from top developers, all of which make it easy to wager Bitcoin and win Bitcoin.
Bitcoin online casinos still need to operate under gambling licenses to provide the best of what’s available in the market. If they don’t have a license, many game providers won’t be available for members of the casino and there’s no way to know if the games are tested for fairness. Since they need licenses, the casinos would be restricted in countries where gambling is illegal.
It’s important to choose a trusted Bitcoin casino as not all of them operate under licenses. This could result in poor security, unfair games and more. However, our Bitcoin brands all use SSL encryption software and follow the rules and regulations of their license agreement.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Casinos


  • Decentralized Currency
  • Highly Secure
  • Bigger Casino Bonuses
  • Fast Transactions
  • Play Any Casino Games with Bitcoin Currency


  • Not all Casinos Accept Bitcoin
  • More Complicated than Standard Web Wallets

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