Is Crypto Sports betting better than Traditional Sports Betting

Is Crypto Sports betting better than Traditional Sports Betting

For most, crypto betting is the same as using traditional funds with the only difference being the currency. However, once you dig into more details, especially what sets them apart, you’ll notice cryptocurrency betting has many advantages that other payment methods cannot compete with, not yet anyway.

If you’ve used traditional currencies at online casinos and bookies, you’ll know about the account verification process before any withdrawals are possible. The casino/bookie requires a form of ID and proof of address, which needs to match the details you provided upon creating the account. At cryptocurrency casinos and bookies, they only need to verify that you’re of legal age and identity. Simply upload a copy of your ID, passport or license (in some countries) to complete the process and have the option to withdraw.

Withdrawals at traditional online bookies always seem to have some type of delay. With crypto accounts, your payments are always on time and the only delay relates to how long it takes for the casino to process the payment. Since there aren’t any legal steps involved, most brands pay out within hours on the same day.

Even transaction times are much faster compared to banks, transfers and even some web wallets. Once the casino releases your payment, it’s loaded to the cryptocurrency blockchain and completed within just 10 minutes. Once completed, the funds appear in your crypto wallet to be used as you please.

What makes Crypto Sports betting better than traditional forms of sports betting

Once you have a cryptocurrency wallet, it’s easy to see the advantages over traditional betting platforms. When you sign up with a crypto sportsbook, the sign up process is much shorter as they don’t require as many details such as your physical address.

Once you have an account, the benefits once again reveal themselves with your first deposit. Not only can you deposit less than most traditional bookies, but also much higher with bonuses to match. In fact, it’s quite common for crypto brands to offer bonuses of 1 BTC and higher, allowing high rollers to deposit huge amounts and get the same amount or higher in bonuses.

In terms of betting options, you’ll find the same markets as with traditional sites. However, you’re likely to find additional betting options and much better odds. The casino includes a lot more games as both traditional titles and provably fair crypto games are available. Therefore, you’ll have all the games and features of a regular casino and bookie, but with the addition of crypto games, features, bonuses and much more.

Payments, both deposits and withdrawals are 100% safe and cannot be changed or hacked. Once a payment appears on the public blockchain, you can view the transaction and its status. You’ll find none of your personal details ever form part of deposits or withdrawals. This means there are no details that can be stolen and the transaction cannot be changed by anyone. Not only does it offer the best possible privacy and security, but transactions are transparent and can be viewed before it even arrives in your account.

Players making the shift from traditional betting to crypto will also find lower transaction fees, safer and faster deposits, same day withdrawals, and lower withdrawal limits. It’s also important to note that cryptos are a universal currency, which means it’s accepted by all crypto bookies and cannot be rejected.

While the benefits of crypto betting are impressive, it doesn’t mean traditional sites should be avoided. In fact, many of the crypto bookies are the same top-rated traditional sites that have made the shift to accept cryptos as well. Therefore, you’ll find the same variety of excellent benefit options, security, fairness, and markets, but with the addition of crypto games and services.

How to go about betting on a Sporting event using Crypto

Getting started with crypto betting takes a bit of setting up if you don’t have a wallet yet. Luckily, there are loads of options out there, each offering a range of unique benefits that allow you to trade cryptos, send funds, use them for shopping and much more.

Once you have a wallet, purchase your first cryptocurrency by using your traditional bank account, credit cards or other payment methods. Of course, you can skip these steps with some crypto bookies that allow you to purchase cryptos directly from their website. However, consider what else you’d use the currency for as setting up a wallet instead might be a better option. It allows you to manage your funds, invest in various currencies, deposit and withdraw from multiple crypto casinos and bookies, and much more.

Conclusion about Crypto Betting vs Traditional Sports Betting

Join a crypto bookie or online casino to truly experience the advantages of the currency. Registering a wallet doesn’t take long, especially not when you choose one of the leading brands. Once you’ve purchased some cryptos, head over to one recommended crypto casinos and bookies to choose the best site for your needs.

You have nothing to lose, but rather brilliant welcome bonuses and more games to gain. Crypto betting has become the preferred way for many bettors, thanks to higher security, faster transactions and more gaming opportunities. Join today and discover the advantage of using a decentralized currency.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions

As opposed to the banking system, cryptocurrencies use a network of computers to complete transactions, which makes them decentralized and completely anonymous. Transactions appear on blockchain technology, which is 100% secure, doesn’t include personal details and is completed within minutes.
We provide a great selection of trusted and safe cryptocurrency online casinos. Our experts only recommended crypto casinos that provide fir games, worthy promotions, excellent support, various payment methods and more. Visit our casino reviews page to see our recommendations.
Our crypto casinos are fully licensed, which means even though cryptos are safe and secure, the casino still needs to provide the latest in security technology to further protect your personal details, account funds, and payment details.
As mentioned, many of the crypto bookies and casinos are the same top-rated traditional sites. Therefore, you can expect the best games with higher RTP percentages in addition to crypto games with provably fair results.

📝Pros and Cons of Sportsbook and Casino Combos


  • ✔️Faster and Safer Transactions
  • ✔️Top-Rated Games + Crypto Games
  • ✔️Better Security and Privacy
  • ✔️Easy to Use for Deposits and Withdrawals
  • ✔️No Need to Verify your Address
  • ✔️Play from Anywhere


  • ❌Bonuses include Wagering 
  • ❌Might Need Crypto Wallet to Deposit and Withdraw