Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx: The Facts

When it comes to trying out a brand new slot, it can be tough to deviate from old favourites and finding something to really pique your interest. Fan-favourite Microgaming hopes to solve the answer to your dilemma with their hot new offering – sure to be a feature on all free spins deals in no time! Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx is the perfect chance to try something new, and lose yourself in an exciting and engaging slot game which is sure to quickly become a firm favourite!

The Graphics

A key part of any new slot is, of course, the graphics and visual adventure which the new option can offer the player. In a saturated market, software providers need to make sure they are doing something different and unique in order to stand out, and Jungle Jim certainly ticks this box with aplomb!

As the name suggests, the primary setting is a dense, forbidding jungle that is brilliantly brought to life with some fantastic graphics; just as fans are likely to expect from a Microgaming masterpiece. The animation is also top-notch, and this feels like a game from a solid provider right from the outset. The jungle soon makes way to a desert, and the bleak, barren atmosphere is captured perfectly at every step, as you follow Jim on his journey into the unknown. The atmosphere and environment are fully set with the inclusion of an authentic-sounding Egyptian soundtrack throughout the background of the game – truly what you need to create an immersive experience!

The Functions

This is a fairly simple game to master, and should not prove a challenge even if you are less experienced in the world of slots. The spin button is easy to spot and sits as a circular button to the right of the window. the bet adjusting button is below this, and there are minimum and maximum coin sizes of 0.10 and 20. An autoplay button is available, distinguished by two circular adjacent arrows, and these allow you to spin the reel automatically, for a predetermined number of times. Even better, there is a helpful tutorial to keep you on the right path if you get a little lost.

The Bonuses

As any online casino fan will be well aware, offering a variety of extras bonuses and promotions is an essential aspect of any online casino, These elements are crucial for helping sites to survive in what is an already crowded market, and offer a motivation for players to return and play time and again. This necessity extends to the slots on offer, and Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx manage to tick off this must-have with an array of bonuses and offers.

The symbols which are present in the slot include familiar gemstones – a welcome sight to experienced players who will be well aware of the importance! Also, in abundance are treasure chests, pots and, of course, the Book of the Dead. All of these could see you increase your potential winnings significantly and are without a doubt a major goal of every player. The symbol with Jim himself is, of course, the chance for the biggest payout, and the logo is the wild – this will fill in for all other icons and form a coveted winning combination! Players will also recognize the trademark Microgaming Rolling Reels, and winning symbols will constantly vanish and be replaced during the bonus round.

How to Win

There are a number of features and reminders to consider when scoring well on Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx. At the most basic level, landing 5 of the wild icons will see you in with a chance to win 10x your initial betting amount – very tempting odds for a brand new game! In addition, a 20x multiplier will see you in with a chance to win an amazing 6250x of your initial betting amount, thanks to a myriad of free spins that come alongside the base games. If you nail consecutive wins, you could be in with a real chance to enjoy a truly life-changing opportunity.

With every chain win achieved, the multiplier increased by one. On the first level, players will have a 2x multiplier. On the second, third, fourth and fifth levels, this will be adjusted to 3x, 4x 5x and 10x multiplier respectively. In a usual game, losing a spin will see the multiplier automatically reset to default, but Jungle Jim is big on second chances. A second chance respin feature is a major part of the game and can be a huge benefit! This also offers the chance to move onto the next multiplier more quickly if you achieve a winning combination. It is worth noting, however, that this can only be activated after the third cascade, so you will need to pay close attention.

Securing a minimum of 3 scatter icons anywhere will activate the extra spin feature, and players will have the chance to choose the win booster – this can hugely increase the odds that this will be activated. Paying a little extra unlocks an extra scatter, and you can get an extra 12 spins this way. The Rolling Reels are then enhanced as the multiplier increases for each advance in levels. Levels 1-5 grab you 3x, 4x, 8x, 12x and 20x respectively. In addition, if you land 6 Sphinx icons, on the central reel, you can benefit from an extra spin!

The Mobile Compatibility

In the modern world, we are constantly connected to one another, and able to check in on crucial facts and information at a moment’s notice. It comes as no surprise that great mobile compatibility is considered an essential for many players considering the pros and cons of a brand-new slot. Some casinos will offer an app, while others favour in-browser solutions to allow their players to access the games instantly. Jungle Jim falls into this latter category and can be easily accessed from any tablet or smartphone. Players simply need to head to the browser, enter their login details to access the site, and this is a fast and easy way to access this exciting new game. There is no need to download any additional programs or apps, and this has the bonus of saving precious time and energy for players.

Our Verdict

Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx is a fantastic slot which promises to attract attention for all the right reasons. With top-quality graphics, a colourful, immersive environment, and some seriously impressive animation, there is no denying that this is a visual treat for any player. In addition, fans can enjoy access to some very impressive bonuses and chances to win, and the end result is a fast-paced, lucrative slot option which is sure to keep you on your toes! For a fun, unique challenge with a twist, head over to your favourite casino today, and try to unravel a mystery that is well worth the effort.