A Year and a Half into the Regulation of Ontario, and Here’s What We Know

Welcome to the hub of excitement, where gambling in Ontario Casinos has become an incredible experience. A remarkable year and a half has passed since the province shocked the gaming industry with novel restrictions. We’re offering you a behind-the-scenes look at the high-stakes world of Ontario’s casinos and a preview of some impressive statistics that are changing the game in this industry.

Let’s examine the figures that provide a clear picture of the gaming landscape in Ontario:

Ontario’s Gaming Market: A Jackpot of Impressive Achievements

The gambling market in Ontario is no stranger to striking a pose when it comes to remarkable outcomes. In casinos, data speaks louder than words, and the stats that Ontario’s gaming companies release are astounding.

  • $2.485 Billion in Revenue: Yes, you read that right! Ontario’s gaming operators have collectively pulled a jaw-dropping $2.485 billion in revenue. It’s not just a number; it’s a testament to the booming success of the gaming industry in the province. It’s a sign that players are not just interested in a casual game of chance but are wholeheartedly embracing Ontario’s vibrant gaming culture.
  • $63.7 Billion Wagered: The excitement doesn’t stop at revenue. Canadian gamblers have wagered a staggering $63.7 billion in the Ontario gaming market. This figure is not just impressive; it’s a declaration of the enthusiasm and passion that players have brought to the virtual tables and slot machines. It’s a sign that gaming in Ontario is not just a pastime but a significant part of the entertainment landscape.

Now, let’s dig deeper into these remarkable figures:

  • iGaming Ontario’s FY 2022-23 Q4 and Full Year Market Performance Report: This comprehensive report provides insights into the gaming market’s performance in the fiscal year 2022-23. It covers a wide range of data, including revenue, player participation, and more.
  • iGaming Ontario’s FY 2023-24 Q1 Market Performance Report: For an even closer look, this report delves into the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24. It gives us a snapshot of how the market is evolving and adapting to changing dynamics.
  • iGaming Ontario’s FY 2023-24 Q2 Market Performance Report: This report continues the story into the second quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24. It’s a valuable resource for understanding the market’s growth trajectory and trends.

These reports are not just dry statistics; they paint a vivid picture of the gaming landscape in Ontario. They are a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the gaming market in the province, making it a must-visit for all gaming enthusiasts.

A Wealth of Options: 46 Operators, 71 Casinos

In the vibrant world of Ontario’s gaming market, variety is the spice of life. Here, gamers have a fantastic selection to choose from because 46 operators manage 71 casinos in all. For those who enjoy playing video games, it’s a playground with a wide range of alternatives.

Picture a location where your dreams of playing video games come true. Ontario’s gambling scene has it all, whether you’re a fan of live dealer games, blackjack, or vintage slots. Each of the 46 operators offers a distinct taste to the gaming surface, guaranteeing that every player will discover their ideal match.

However, quality and variety are equally as important as quantity in this case. You can choose from 71 different casinos, each offering a large variety of games, bonuses, and promotions. Everybody can enjoy a fantastic gaming experience because Ontario’s gaming sector is made to accommodate different player preferences.

Therefore, Ontario’s gaming sector welcomes you with open arms, regardless of your level of experience and desire for new experiences. A world of limitless opportunities awaits you when you spin the wheel, play the dice, and feel the rush—46 operators and 71 casinos.

Rules of the Game: Responsible Advertising without Dampening the Fun

In the high-octane gaming world, where excitement and entertainment collide, responsible advertising is crucial in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all players. In Ontario, the gaming industry is not just about hitting the jackpot; it’s also about setting a gold standard for responsible advertising practices.

Here’s how Ontario manages to strike the perfect balance between promoting fun and safeguarding player well-being:

Balancing Entertainment and Responsibility

Responsible advertising in Ontario is a delicate act of balance. It’s about creating ads that spark excitement and anticipation while reminding players to gamble responsibly. The goal is to maintain the allure of gaming without encouraging excessive or irresponsible betting. This approach ensures that players have a good time without crossing the line.

Stringent Regulations for Safer Gaming

In Ontario, appropriate advertising is not left up to chance. The government has imposed stringent rules governing the timing, location, and substance of gaming advertisements. These rules are intended to stop ads that prey on the weak or encourage gamers to place risky bets. They provide a structure that protects gamers and the market’s integrity.

Players’ Education Campaigns

Being a responsible gamer is more than just a catchphrase; it’s a dedication to player welfare. Canadian online Casinos conducts instructional programs to warn gamers about the possible consequences of gaming and how to exercise self-control. These efforts increase public knowledge of safe gaming procedures and the services available to help individuals in need.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Promoting responsible gaming requires more than rules on paper; it needs proactive enforcement. Ontario actively monitors the gaming industry to ensure that advertising practices comply with the regulations. This vigilance includes taking action against operators or advertisers who don’t play by the rules. By holding everyone accountable, Ontario maintains a safe gaming environment.

Support for Problem Gamblers

Ontario makes sure that gamers are aware of their resources in the event of a problem when playing responsibly. Advertisements frequently provide contact details and resources for people with gambling-related issues. This proactive strategy makes sure that players are aware of the resources available to them and motivates them to ask for help when they need it.

Community Involvement and Feedback

Ontario Casinos understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to responsible advertising. The government solicits input on advertising methods from the gaming community through active engagement. Ontario Casinos hopes to develop regulations that are not only practical but also sensitive to the demands of business by including participants and operators in the process. Maintaining a vibrant but responsible gaming environment requires teamwork.

With All These Figures, We Believe the Regulation Is Here to Stay

Given the astounding numbers and Canadian online Casinos booming gaming industry, it is clear that the law has not only been successful but is here to stay. The data indicates a healthy market, engaged players, and responsible gaming habits. Ontario has established itself as a model for how gaming markets can grow while putting player enjoyment and safety first.

3 Gambling laws in South Africa you did not know about

Africa is viewed as an emerging market for gambling and gaming, and in order to protect the African industry from mismanagement, the Gaming Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF) was established in 2003 for this purpose. GRAF is a body of gambling regulators within the African continent including South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Zambia. Membership is open to all gambling jurisdictions on the African continent.

Their objectives include:

  • Providing a forum where members exchange views and information and discuss policy on gaming matters.
  • Keeping gambling crime-free and legal.
  • Promoting responsible gambling.
  • Contributing towards the enhancement of economic development.
  • Protecting consumers and maintaining the fairness of games.
  • Ensuring that African nationals benefit visibly from gambling.
  • Promoting harmonisation and mutual recognition of standards.
  • South Africa and its national regulator

South Africa forms part of its membership because gambling is legal in the republic. The South African government, in terms of its National Gambling Act of 2004, established the National Gambling Board (NGB) to regulate the gambling industry in the country including online gambling. The NGB is the highest authority in the gambling industry and works with provincial gambling regulators to ensure all players are treated fairly. All the best online casinos South Africa including bookmakers such as sportsbooks, must be licensed by a provincial gambling regulator and regulated by the NGB.

Did you know that even though the NGB has existed for nearly two decades in South Africa, there are still gambling laws that most citizens are unfamiliar with? Below we discuss three gambling laws that many stakeholders in the industry are ill-advised on, and we provide detail on some of the features in the industry.

Law 1 – South Africans are not allowed to gamble at overseas online casinos?

According to the gambling laws, ‘’South Africans cannot gamble with international companies from within the Republic.’’ Unfortunately, even though the law prohibits South Africans from playing at overseas online casinos, some players still illegally signup at these casinos. The NGB and provincial regulators are in no position to help players if something goes wrong and some risks of playing at illegal unlicensed overseas online casinos include deposits not reflecting and going missing, withdrawals not being paid out, and personal information leaking to third parties.

Many players love overseas online casinos as they use various software providers and offer players an abundance of bonuses and promotions. Still, all local South African online casinos provide the same benefits to players.

The likes of Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Habanero play a key part in the industry, and the latest and best casino games are available at South African casinos. Honestly, there is no need for any South Africans to consider playing with overseas online casinos, as local operators like Betway and Hollywood Bets offer similar products. All regulated South African casinos provide players with diverse gaming libraries including Slots, Table Games, Live Dealer Games and Game shows with presenters. There are even additional betting products such as fixed-odd lotteries, sports betting, scratch cards and virtual sports.

Law 2 – Casino licenses need to be applied for in the province where you reside

All South African betting operators must be licensed by a provincial gambling regulator where it is located. 

Below is a list of the provincial gambling regulators in South Africa:

  • Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board
  • Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority
  • Gauteng Gambling Board
  • KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Board
  • Limpopo Gambling Board
  • Mpumalanga Economic Regulator
  • North West Gambling Board
  • Northern Cape Gambling Board
  • Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

Players should be cautious if they access an online casino or sportsbook and do not find any information about their gambling license on their site. This is a red flag, and you should immediately stop. Now that you understand the provincial regulators, you may wonder how exactly one obtains a license. Below we discuss the process of getting a gambling license in South Africa.

It is tough to acquire a license and there are strict protocols in place for online casinos to adhere to. Gambling licenses can only be applied for through a provincial regulator in a province where the operator resides. So, for example, if you are based in the Western Cape and want to open your own business as a bookmaker, you will need to apply directly through the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. The gambling laws in the country prohibit operators from getting a license as an online casino, but betting operators can get a bookmaker license, which allows them to provide South African players with sports betting and online casino products.

Each provincial regulator has their own application procedure and fees for gambling licenses and you can get more information on this by visiting the website of one of the nine provincial regulators in South Africa. Using the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board as an example, any person/business wanting a gambling license must complete and submit a Request for Application (RFA). The RFA consists of documents that serve as the official application for obtaining a gambling license. A new license application fee is approximately R14 377 and an annual renewal fee of R2884.

Law 3 – Complaints are not submitted to the National Gambling Regulator

There is a common misconception among many players that if they have a dispute with a bookmaker or South African casino3, that they lodge a formal complaint with the NGB. However, the NGB does not deal with any disputes between players and operators and players should submit all complaints directly to the provincial gambling board/regulator.

Generally, disputes concern the settlement of bets and terms and conditions regarding bonus offers. If the player and operator cannot resolve the issue, the player must lodge an official complaint with the provincial gambling board/regulator. The dispute will be heard and an outcome determined. The legal costs of appearing before the provincial gambling board/regulator will be paid out of each party’s own pockets.

Another Key Fact – South African Regulators have been trained by the Nevada Gambling Institution

The African gambling industry faces various threats and GRAF was established to serve and protect all stakeholders in the industry. During the time of its establishment, various education and training courses were conducted for all members. One of these successful training events was done by the University of Nevada, and the training course took place in South Africa.

It provided 40 regulators from GRAF member States with additional education and technology training on various gambling concepts covering both online and physical betting. These included training on illegal gambling, cyber threats, anti-money laundering and mismanagement, as well as how to promote responsible gambling.

NZ’s Amended Gambling Regulation to Reduce the Harm of Pokies Takes Effect from end of 2023

In a significant step towards curbing the adverse effects of gambling, New Zealand has passed a series of amendments to the Gambling Act, which will be enforced from September 2023.

The new laws are outlined in three sections of the Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimization) Amendment Regulations 2023. Part 1 of the Amendment highlights a restriction on jackpot advertising and casino venues. Part 2 deals with amendments to training of staff and guidance on maintaining records and identifying problem gamblers.

Part 3 of the document outlines how gambling venues must ensure that all automatic teller machines are in the line of sight of staff at the main bar area of the venue. Pokie machines must not be visible outside the venue except if an external door is in use. Furthermore, the venue manager must ensure that personnel conduct a gambling area sweep at least 3 times per hour, with each sweep being at least 10 minutes after the previous sweep.

Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti said that the changes reduce the harm caused by pokies and make the online casino pokie venues in NZ conform to clearer and stronger responsible gambling requirements.

The changes to reduce the potential damage of pokies at NZ casinos include:

  • Compulsory training annually for all staff dealing with gamblers
  • Recording signs of regular sweeps and recording signs of gambling harm
  • Rules to support harm minimization by ensuring staff can monitor ATMs
  • Pokie machines will soon be placed less visibly

What the Amendments to the Law Mean for Online Casino Players

There are many reasons why the government decided to enforce stricter pokie game laws. According to studies, pokies are highly addictive as they trigger the brain’s reward system. While most pokie players enjoy them as entertainment, for a small group of people, especially those who are severely stressed or depressed, pokies can be damaging.

Players predisposed to gambling addiction will chase wins and spend money they don’t have. Due to the mental health, vulnerable gamblers can have financial problems, leading to bankruptcy. Pokie players with a gambling addiction can have strained family relationships and may even steal to fund their gambling.

As a mental health condition, gambling problems can strain the healthcare system and the overall community’s economic health system. The amendments to the law will ensure that harm is reduced.

With the new laws forcing gambling venues to provide problem gambling awareness training for the manager of the venue and any employee in direct contact with players, responsible gambling will be enforced.

When approaching a player who may be experiencing difficulties relating to gambling, the pokie venue can give the player more information about problem gambling, including the dangers and available treatments. Management and staff can remind players that they can identify as problem gamblers and seek self-exclusion for up to 2 years.

Why does it Target Pokies and Not Other Casino Games?

As they play havoc with our brain’s reward systems, pokies are designed to be addictive. They give players unrealistic impressions of the winning odds and confuse them about how much they have lost, and that’s when chasing wins starts.

According to the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs), pokies are the most harmful gambling games in New Zealand. Every year, Kiwis lose nearly NZ$1 billion on pokies; in fact, one in five pokie players are considered at-risk gamblers.

To reduce the effects caused by playing pokies, New Zealand gambling authorities suggest the following:

  • Ensure that pokie players take regular breaks to interrupt continuous playing
  • Pokies should have more information, including harm-minimization messaging
  • Mandatory technology on pokies so users can set their budget before gambling
  • Facial recognition technology on the pokies to identify excluded gamblers
  • Reducing the size of the maximum stake

Pokies are addictive by design, which makes users want to play as long as possible. Compared to Lotto, where you purchase your ticket and can wait up to a week for your winnings, pokies are a continuous form of gambling and winnings can immediately be “reinvested.” Pokies are known to deliver false wins. This happens when you get back a win on a multi-line bet, and even if your win is less than your bet, the machine’s bells and whistles will deceive you into thinking you’ve won.

Gambling on pokies is a solitary activity that encourages uninterrupted play. The bonus rounds and free spins will make you feel you’re doing better than you really are.

Background of Gambling in NZ

New Zealand was discovered in 1769 by James Cook, a British explorer, and by the 1800s, NZ attracted many people from different European countries, especially Great Britain.

Gambling had an impeccable connection with Britain, with horse racing being the most popular sport in Britain. Naturally, horse racing didn’t take long to become the main attraction. The first NZ horse racing event was in 1835 in the Bay of Islands, and by the 19th century, Kiwis began betting on cards.

While gambling has likely been in New Zealand as long as there have been people, in 1908, the Gambling Act changed things. With this new law, horse racing was the only legal gambling allowed. In 1951, the Totalisator Agency Board started to relax gambling laws, and the Golden Kiwi lottery was soon born.

New Zealand has five brick-and-mortar casinos, allowing tourists the time of their lives by placing bets and enjoying great food and entertainment. The first legal NZ casino opened in Christchurch in 1994, followed by Dunedin, Queenstown, Hamilton and Auckland casinos.

From the early days of simple bets to today’s new NZ online casinos, the NZ gambling landscape has changed significantly over the years. New Zealanders love to gamble, and the majority do it responsibly. It doesn’t seem that gambling is leaving the country any time soon.


There has been growing concern about gambling-related harm and its societal impact at top online casinos NZ. To combat gambling addiction, the Department of Internal Affairs aims to implement stricter regulations to protect gamblers from any potential damage.

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes in the world, and just like much of the world, New Zealanders love to gamble. Gambling in NZ is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs, which ensures that gambling returns a percentage of the proceeds to the community. No legal online casinos are operating in NZ. Modern laws that govern gambling are the Gambling Act of 2003, covering gambling games and the Racing Act of 2003, covering sports betting and racing.

The new NZ regulations include deposit limits, time limits on play sessions, mandatory training for all gambling staff and self-exclusion for players at risk of developing gambling addiction. The changes have come about to ensure pokie venues identify and act upon harmful gambling consistently and more often. Those who fail to comply with the regulations on harm minimization for pokies will be penalized.

Stricter Regulations Coming to the UK Gambling Industry

With constant year-on-year growth, the United Kingdom boasts one of the most successful online gambling industries in the world. Accounting for over 30% of the European Online Gambling market’s revenue in 2020, the UK sits in a commanding position.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to know that due to the utilization of smartphones and gambling apps, online gambling is experiencing an increase in regulatory measures.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has established new guidelines to enforce greater transparency and safety, particularly for the best online casinos UK which will need to abide by these stricter rules.

Online Gambling’s popularity has increased

Online gambling’s rise in popularity owes much to the growing number of mobile devices and smartphones, which provide easy access to online casinos and bookies. Thanks to convenient access, anyone with an internet-ready device can enjoy gambling thrills whenever and wherever they please, particularly among younger generations who have become accustomed to the presence of technology in their everyday lives.

The lockdown has created an ideal environment for online casino players as more and more indivudals turn to the internet for entertainment. Limited in their recreational options and confined to their residences, many players have turned to online gambling as a source of entertainment and potential income. However, online gambling should always be remembered to have its downsides, especially for those who are already vulnerable to addiction and problem gambling.

Yet, by imposing stricter rules, the UK Gambling Commission has taken a step in the right direction and is making progress towards ensuring fairness. To evade any legal issues, online gambling sites are now obligated to uphold transparency and integrity. But ultimately, it is up to players to recognize and address their gambling habits and seek assistance whenever needed.

How will Regulations Become Stricter in the UK?

The gambling industry in the United Kingdom will be subject to more restrictive regulations in the future, intending to establish a safer and more responsible gambling environment. Several potential approaches might be pursued in order to make these restrictions more stringent.

Operators will be given more leeway to crack down on unlicensed betting sites and impose stake limits of £2 to £15 for online play. Bonus offers will be curtailed, and strengthened protections will be put in place for players who are 25 or younger. Additionally, there has been a marked increase in unauthorized operators, giving rise to further negotiations by these officials.

The wagering requirements of online slots will be kept low in order to maintain parity with those of traditional slot machines. Nevertheless, the operators will not be entirely on their own during the process. The UK Gambling Commission will offer access to a variety of services designed to assist them in combating the issue.

Towards achieving the objective laid out by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, significant strides have been taken with the recent changes. The intention is to empower the industry better and increase transparency for the public’s well-being.

For the sake of ensuring user safety, it will become imperative that each operator allocates more funds towards initiatives that will benefit players. This will include programs focused on treatment, research, and education for players affected by problem gambling and addiction. As part of this effort, a broad range of background checks will need to be carried out on all players that register at an online casino or bookie.

If gambling companies within the UK struggle to abide by the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission, they could be subjected to severe penalties. The fines could be heightened at the discretion of the Commission, and additional penalties and criminal prosecution could leave companies in a dire situation. Along with these consequences, license revocation is not out of the question. These rules set forth by the UK Gambling Commission cannot be ignored, as the repercussions could have detrimental effects on operators.

Top Online Casinos for British Players

Since smartphone addiction has become increasingly common over the past several years, the UK government recently announced improvements to the gambling industry. During the lockdown, several operators providing online betting and gambling services saw a spike in both their income and the number of registered players. For this reason, the government has expressed concern regarding the impact of their advertising and the number of self-harm cases that have resulted from it among gambling addicts who have racked up enormous debts.

The mounting number of individuals placing bets via smartphone applications has led to the implementation of novel limitations. These freshly imposed measures are a direct result of the increased availability of online gambling services. In essence, the cause for these rules being put into place is due to the augmented accessibility of virtual betting opportunities.

The UK Gambling Commission plans on implementing specific measures in the hopes of reducing the number of problem gamblers and creating a safer and more responsible gaming environment. For instance, Operators will need to invest in research, education, and treatment for addiction and problem gambling.

As a result, strict and rigorous rules will be imposed to limit the stakes that can be played online, restrict the types of bonuses that can be presented to new players, as well as guarantee extra protection for punters under the age of 25.

Even while these laws will most likely have an effect on the services offered by online casinos, the objective of these regulations is to protect UK players and assure the future success of the iGaming industry.

 New Pokies Legislation could open the online Pokies Market even further 

In the newest gambling developments, NZ municipalities will be setting limits on the number of pokie machines operating within the Tauranga area. The council’s old rules allowed up to 821 pokie machines, but the new draft will restrict pokies to 529 machines in 37 venues. This is very different from the biggest Online Casinos NZ, as they are known to offer thousands of pokie machines.

This new ruling has come about as social impact studies have found that pokies are bad news for problem gamblers and are too much of an attraction. In recent years, the number of pokies has stagnated at land-based casinos because internet-based gambling has become more accessible. Players will find many ways to control their gambling at NZ Online Casinos and enjoy safe internet pokies and casino games. Check our pages for a large variety of top NZ casinos and great bonuses.

This Crackdown will Push Players to Online Pokies

Due to these new rules, what is happening is that players are forced to try online pokies. More and more, New Zealanders are moving away from brick and mortar gambling establishments to play at online casinos with pokies. From a desktop, or iOs and Android tablets and mobile phones, NZ players can log into online casinos and play In-Browser, or download an app. Without having to travel anywhere, except perhaps to your living room, online casinos are very convenient.

Players can choose from hundreds of classic and new pokie machines with a multitude of themes and game features. Activate free spins and bonus rounds, and delight yourself with the colorful characters that speak of fantasy and the ultimate in online entertainment. You won’t feel annoyed at the lack of pokies at online casinos, as there is an abundance available.

What this could mean for Local Businesses

Land-based Casinos have been known and loved by gamers worldwide for many years. New Zealanders have especially enjoyed these big casino outfits located in a physical area and building. In contrast to online or internet-based casinos, while you will have to drive to a brick-and-mortar casino, online casinos offer as much fun and excitement, and you will only have to click and log in to get there. Getting dressed up is also commonplace with land-based casinos, but you can lounge around in comfortable gear at online casinos. Online casinos are so comfortable and easy to use that these new decisions to limit pokies could see more people migrating over to online casinos.

Greater player protection

Playing at legit online casinos in NZ has many benefits, but none is as important as better player protection. Especially for players that have a gambling problem, NZ players will find many ways to limit their spending and control their gambling addiction. Players who don’t suffer from this real condition will also find maximum protection and many ways to keep you safe online:

Our top featured online casinos have been checked, tested, and reviewed, so we can freely recommend them to Kiwis. Our supported brands are licensed and regulated, so expect the safest security protocols. Before registering at any online casino, for your protection, you should learn to distinguish between secure casinos from casinos and those that are not worth your time. Here are some key pointers to follow when choosing a new online casino to join:

Fair Gaming – To play the fairest pokie machines, our featured brands offer the best possible software and random number generators (RNG) on the games, which are regularly tested for fairness and audited by third-party companies such as eCogra. The RTP% indicates how well paying a pokie game is; logically, the higher the RTP%, the better a pokie machine will pay.

Encryption Technology – Top online casinos are as safe as banks, thanks to an encrypted web address with a padlock to ensure complete safety. Your personal and financial information is securely encrypted with firewall-protected servers located in gambling jurisdictions.

Licensing – The safest online casinos are licensed by a legit regulator such as the Malta Gaming Authority. Only play at licensed casinos for an overall high-quality gaming experience.

Software – Software companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Yggdrasil are why online casinos have such irresistible pokies. Software is another essential casino feature.

RTP stands for Return to Player, an indication of how much each pokie machine will pay back over time. For example, an RTP of 96% means that for every NZ$100 spent on a pokie, you will eventually win back NZ$96 if you keep playing the game long term. Called the House Edge, the 4% of the wager lost always goes back to the house to pay for the expenses of the online casino. While we recommend that NZ players play high RTP% pokie machines, other factors to consider are gameplay, immersion, the value of bonuses, and other features that make a game fun even with a lower RTP.

More Casinos will offer a wider variety of Pokies for players to enjoy

As the dynamics swing from land-based casinos to more online casino players, we expect to see more pokies with a wider variety of game features and payout amounts. Kiwis will find a good selection of NZ$1 Deposit Casino NZ and collect free bonuses and free spins. We also offer Kiwis many ways to play with $5 NZ casino bonuses and NZ$10 Casinos NZ, where the best pokies abide. Our featured Pokies are popular because of their many features, some of which include:

All pokie machines have paylines indicating a winning combination, and different paylines will give out different winnings. Always check how many paylines you can activate.

  • Free Spins – These bonus rounds let you have extra spins for no extra money. The free spins round takes your previous wager and uses that amount to spin again for free.
  • Scatter Symbols – Typically, the outcome of a pokie depends on the symbols that land on the reels. Still, Scatters can land anywhere and will activate bonuses like free spins and multipliers.
  • Wild Symbols – These symbols can be substituted for any other symbol to reward a win.
  • Bonus Games – Pokies also offer bonus games triggered by a Scatter symbol, or other symbols, depending on the pokie game. Bonus games let you rack up free spins and multipliers.
  • Multipliers – This is what it sounds like, a symbol that will multiply your wins. For example, a 2x multiplier doubles wins, a 10x multiplier will add ten times to wins, and so on.

The online Pokies Market is set to expand even more

Over the past ten years, New Zealanders have seen many changing gambling developments. In 2011, the market was valued at NZ$1.9 billion, quickly increasing by 26% to over 2.4 billion dollars. There are many reasons for New Zealand’s increase in gambling, and the more casual attitude toward betting has always been part of the country’s culture and relatively permissive legislation.

With these newest changes in the NZ gambling landscape, we expect more people will visit online casinos. With that in mind, before you search for a new Kiwi casino, why not browse through our fantastic casinos and grab a free bonus and some free spins to elevate your pokie and casino gaming.

How Secure Are Online Casinos?

With minimum deposite online casinos becoming more and more popular, and the gaming industry expanding its reach, one of the major concerns for players is in finding a reliable and trustworthy online casino. So, what makes a safe and secure casino site? There are a few factors that contribute to making an online casino safe and secure, like ensuring that all the casino games offered are fair and random for all and that the online casino protects their customers’ personal and banking details.

An online casino should also process their players’ deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely and last but not least, the casino should be certified, regulated and tested by an independent third-party auditor. When evaluating an online casino, players should always look for the licensing and legal information, usually found on the casino website itself. We look at some important features that make browsing at online casinos a very safe and secure gambling experience.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions imposed by the casino outlines everything the player should know regarding the conditions for accepting the welcome bonus, promotions, free spins, wagering requirements and exclusions. Once you’ve accepted the terms there is no going back and most player complaints revolve around not having read and adhered to the requirements.

Online casinos have their Terms and Conditions clearly displayed on their website and usually on registration and sign up, the casino will ask you if you’ve read and understood them and your answer will be a simple click on a checkbox. Very few people actually go to the trouble of carefully reading the information they are agreeing to. We can’t stress enough how important it is to read all the information, even the small print, with great care.

Any contravention of the Terms and Conditions by the player, knowingly or unknowingly, may risk the casino cancelling your winnings, returning your deposit, or deactivating your account. Your deposit will always be yours, whether you accept the bonus offering or not and a fair online casino won’t impose unfair restrictions if you fail to take their promotional offers. If one of the casino’s rules is to void your winnings if you disregard their offers, find another casino, but either way, read and understand the casino’s promotional rules if you want to capitalise on bonuses, avoid unnecessary delays, and qualify for cancellations and refunds.

Licencing and Regulation

An online casino should always be licensed and regulated by reputable and respected authorities whose job it is to provide remote gambling licenses to online casino operators. Licenses are not issued easily, an online casino has to prove that they have the strictest standards of player protection in place. A license means that the casinos are closely monitored and regulated and strict standards are upheld. Always make sure the casino you choose to play at is licensed and regulated, there will always be a license displayed at the footer of the website.

Look for The Alderney Gambling Control Commission, The Gaming Commission of Malta, the Isle of Man Supervision Commission and The Gibraltar Gaming Commission and Authority. For British players, there’s the UK Gambling Commission, and like the others, only issues a license when a casino has proven that their games are fair, that player privacy is protected and that the company operates in a socially responsible manner.

Gaming Licenses

Before a casino can open its doors to the public it will have to undergo a rigorous process to prove they are above board and even after the license has been issued, the casino will be checked regularly by the state gaming board. They will look for all sorts of things including ensuring the software is bug free, checking that the games are fair for all, player complaints and player exclusion options. If the casino passes these regular checks, they keep their license but if they should fail, they can’t do business anymore. Check our list of reviewed and recommended casinos, we only recommend regulated and licensed online casinos.

Independent Testing of Games

Casino games are one of the most important factors of an online casino, but more importantly than that, the games must be fair and transparent. Long ago, in the time of the mechanical one arm bandit, players believed that it was possible to calculate the moment when a machine would give up a big win and it was also believed that casinos could adjust the results in their favour. These days however, gambling online has taken a leap forwards and technology has created a way to ensure that slot games are not only completely random, but fair for all.

The way symbols appear on the reels or where the little white ball falls on the Roulette wheel depends on combinations that are generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a mathematical algorithm that simulates randomness and creates a numerical sequence by an algorithm, generating transparency in games. We can be sure that a reputable online casino offers random casino games because the RNG are often tested by independent specialists to make sure that the results are truly random.

One of the leading testing agency is eCogra. Formed in 2003, eCogra, short for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, is an independent regulatory body for the online gambling industry. Players familiar with the online industry recognize the eCogra logo found scattered throughout websites of top online casinos. This international authority on regulation focuses on fair gaming, player protection and responsible operator conduct.

Cutting-Edge Technical Security

In order to play real money games at an online casino, you will need to part with sensitive banking data as well as personal information like your name, address and date of birth. A safe and reputable online casino uses sophisticated technical security to ensure your data is completely protected. You may have heard of data encryption, it is a 128 or 256-bit encryption which will convert your personal and financial information into strings of unbreakable code. If you still doubt that online casinos are secure consider that banks use exactly this level of protection. So when you are looking for a safe online casino where you can enjoy playing your favourite games, look for encryption by checking the top of your screen, it should say https in front of their website name.

Online casinos with an SSL certificate means that you can safely hand over your financial details as the information is encrypted and the website is safe to play at. Basically a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) receives information between your pc and the casino and encrypts it so it cannot be hacked. Online casinos also use top notch computer security software to prevent an attack from viruses, spyware or malware.

Software providers

Online casinos are very dependent on the software provider they use. Since the games offered are not the property of the casino itself, the casino’s success largely depends on the software companies they join forces with. Industry leaders like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and many others, are also tested by independent third party auditing systems that are obliged to prove that the software is fair and safe for the players.

Security issues are top priority for software developers and by implementing cutting edge technology, these companies are able to use well secured connections for online casino customers. They use the latest sophisticated technologies like 128 and 256-bit SSL certificates, anti–DDoS methods, AES encryption, and programmes for data loss prevention.

Mobile Gambling Security

Online gambling with your smartphone or tablet has proved to be harder for hackers to infiltrate but there are still some things to know before using your smartphone or tablet to gamble online. The same encryption standards that apply to online gambling via a desktop should be used through a mobile app. It’s always wise to check that those same protocols are in place and that the app has been licensed by an outside authority. One key point to remember, especially with mobile gaming, is to avoid insecure internet connections like wifi in public places, as they are a very easy way for hackers to lift your personal information

Look for online casinos with a range of deposit options

When it comes to safety at online casinos, it’s not just a secure platform that is important. Banking online had always been seen with suspicion, but today, thanks to the improvements made by online money transfer companies, it’s become one of the safest, quickest and easiest ways of transferring funds. To make a deposit at an online casino to play real money casino games from the comfort of your home, there are a large variety of methods that can be used. Gone are the days when we had to go to the bank and stand in long queues just to transfer funds to your casino of choice.

Nowadays online banking methods widely accepted include not only the major credit and debit cards, but also eWallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller and a host of other payment facilities like PaysafeCard and Entropay. A great online casino will always offer a large variety of deposit options. If the casino you want to play at only accepts cash or has a lack of deposit options, let those alarm bells ring, and maybe, look for another casino.

When it comes to finding a great, safe and secure online casino, and handing over sensitive information, you can’t leave anything to chance. We identify, review and publish the safest casinos for you to play at without worrying about security. Come back and visit our pages for the best casinos offering fantastic welcome packages, top promotions and of course, secure fun and exciting slots and casino games.

Online Casino Games of Chance Are Such Fun!

Online casinos Canada games have become part of many player’s life, especially if you have a thirst for risk, new experiences, and unforgettable adventures. Whether you want to try your luck, brighten up your days, or want to win a jackpot, online casinos offer it all.

The Most Popular Kinds of Online Casino Games in Canada

Casino gaming in Canada is well-known in terms of interactive terminals, electronic gaming machines and lottery slot machines. Today’s highly advanced graphics and immersive gaming experiences amaze players looking to have some fun. While Ontario concentrates a great deal on electronic gaming machines, British Columbia is popular for its abundance of electronic bingo machines.

When we consider both online and offline casino games, Canucks tend to favour poker, slots, roulette, bingo, blackjack and keno.

But, what about online games of chance? The good news is that online casinos are permitted to function in Canadian provinces under a list of circumstances, which includes providing specific types of games. That means you can play the following thrilling games of chance:

  • Online slots
  • Video poker
  • Table games
  • Bingo
  • Lottery
  • Sports betting

It should be noted that the list of legal games can vary from one province to the next. For instance, in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, it is only legal to play lottery, bingo and online casino table games. In British Columbia, the game of Ingenio is prohibited.

Rules, Restrictions and Tons of Fun

There are a number of limits when it comes to games of chance in Canada, as well as some other countries around the world. Online casino operators are required to pay hefty taxes to the government and file reports to the relevant authorities, while constantly striving to improve their services and increase winner’s rates.

In Canada, both offline and online casino gaming stimulates local economies, helping people in need. In fact, some Canadian charitable and religious organisations are allowed to offer certain types of casino games to raise funds for causes such as education and homeless shelters.

Online casino gaming is a favourite pastime amongst Canadians, though. It’s a great way to relax and it gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favourite games from the comfort of home. It’s a great way to gain new experiences, too, and not only switch off from your day to day grind, but also the chance to win some life-changing amounts of money.

The sheer convenience of online casinos coupled with the thousands of games on offer attracts players from around the globe, allowing you the chance to play games whenever you want to and, thanks to mobile technology, wherever you are. That means you never have to be bored.

Whether you choose to download a casino’s software, play on your browser on via a mobile app, online casino games provide hours of fun and opportunity.

No Deposit Free Spins and New Laws in the UK


Today, more players than ever before are logging into online casinos to play everything from blackjack and poker to the most exciting online progressive slots. But, all that could change as new UK regulations could potentially stifle millions of players from a much-loved past time. The convenience of online casino games from home or via a mobile device might also not be so convenient as the government makes moves to clamp down. And now, regulations are being put in place with regards to no deposit free spins.

No Deposit Free Spins – Regulation Far-Fetched or Necessary?

New regulations on advertising for casino operators now has UK players up in arms. Once, no deposit online casino offers where the hottest thing. But, the new regulations stipulate that online casinos are no longer permitted to promote any slot machines as offering free spins.
It used to be that no deposit free spins allowed players the chance to try out a casino before depositing real money. The latest advertising crackdown has gotten many players riled up with the decision, especially as the feel they can’t try a casino before signing up.
The new regulations have been imposed in an attempt to stop online casino operators targeting vulnerable players. The law to protect such players has seen many crying foul over the impact of the regulations. In fact, the new rules are affecting UK player’s opportunity to enjoy free spins and try out slot games without spending their own Sterling. Now, casinos are using different terms in the advertising and marketing efforts, such as “bonus spins.”

Are We Headed the Same Way as Australia?

Recently, the country down under was hit with a curveball. Australia’s bustling online casino and poker community no longer exists since the government imposed laws forbidding Aussies to enjoy online casino gaming. And Australia isn’t the only country affected by such bans. German and French citizens are also prohibited from online casino gaming.

Bye-Bye to Freedom?

So, where will it all end? As the noose continues to tight on the UK’s casino industry, players and operators alike are fighting for the right to host and play casinos. The bigger operators have already been hit the hardest with the threat of hefty fines for advertising no deposit free spins.
Many players prefer to test a casino operator first with free spins so that they don’t have to put down their own money on a slot. Some even win on the free spins. But, all that is no more.
Most people who play online casino games do it for fun, with many citing that problem gamblers will still find a way to play and it shouldn’t affect other’s ability to enjoy their favourite casino games.
The future of online casinos remains unpredictable, with what seems like more regulations being imposed on players and operators. Watch this space to see what comes next.

Gibraltar accepts digital currencies such as Bitcoin
Gibraltar accepts digital currencies such as Bitcoin


Gibraltar now welcomes cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin within its jurisdiction. The start of the year has seen the regulation, which serves as a protective means designed to provide insulation against organisations that take cryptocurrency, come into effect.
The regulation has given rise to new hope for optimised global regulation and is set to promote the well-being of online companies, especially in the online gambling sector where more and more online casinos are using blockchain-supported cryptocurrency transactions for deposits and payouts.

Reputation Protection and Blockchain

Gibraltar’s reputation and, of course, crypto customers alike are priorities of the new regulation protection. The regulations very clearly insist on companies storing and transmitting value that is to be licensed by the Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

How the Licensing System Works

Gibraltar’s very first cryptocurrency regulation has been dubbed the Digital Ledger Technology (DTL) Regulatory Framework. The regulation is intended to create acceptance of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and not a blatant protective intervention. The DLT Framework is supposed to lay down the stepping stones for further cryptocurrency sector legislation in an area that holds online gambling and financial services as the pillars of a relatively shielded economy.

What’s Expected of Organisations?

The new regulations clearly call for all DLT providers to communicate with customers plainly and fairly. This means complete transparency is mandatory in an effort to respect the fears and risks that businesses and customers alike display when new licenses come into play.
What’s more, crypto-licensed companies will now have to be proactive in the protection of client money and assets.

Why Gibraltar?

Gibraltar seems to be the perfect domain in which to explore cryptocurrency regulation models. The jurisdiction’s legal system is vehemently independent of the UK. Now, we know that Gibraltar has a long history of pioneering economic priorities and unique government policies.
With this in mind, there’s no doubt Gibraltar is a haven for determined online casinos and online sports betting companies thanks to enticing corporate tax incentives and rather lax regulations aimed at encouraging innovation and growth.

What Does This Mean for Online Gamblers?

Gibraltar isn’t just some gorgeous destination, it boasts an incredibly flexible taxation system. Considering its close relationship with the UK, it’s one of the most forgiving systems in terms of gambling. That’s why it’s a haven for crypto investors from around the world.
In short, that means a great many funds in crypto-casinos and even better payouts. Just like Malta, Gibraltar is actively introducing its new crypto regulation that will render Bitcoin that much safer, along with crypto wallets, cryptoATMS and a ton of other exciting initiatives.
We’ve already seen how Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. This means heaps of money for those people smart enough to jump on the bandwagon early enough. If you’re just getting ready to jump on that Bitcoin bandwagon, it’s exciting that Gibraltar, and the online world of gambling, has your back. Now that you have all the information take a look at our review of one of the only casinos to already accept cryptocurrency Bitstarz.

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