September 28, 2018

Mobile Casino Games – Do Browsers Trump Apps?

If you play mobile casino games, then you may well opt to use apps. Many casino operators allow users to play through their mobile device’s browser, too. But, do browsers trump apps when it comes to casino gaming?

Let’s take a closer look.

The Convenience of Mobile Casino Games

If you’re on the go and always on your mobile device, you may not fancy the idea of downloading apps via 3G connection. It can be pretty costly and depending on the quality of the connection at the time, it can take a while. When you use browser-based casino services, you can instantly connect – a big plus when you’re always on the move.

The top online casinos have mobile versions that you can access immediately. It’s highly convenient to use and you don’t have to have a specific phone to play your favourite slots or table games. For Android users, there just aren’t that many apps available since not all sites were developed for both iOS and Android users. What’s more, until recently, casino-based apps weren’t even allowed on the Google Play Store, which made things harder for many users who want to have fun on the run.

Quality HTML5 Technology

Thanks to the rollout of HTML5 technology, you can now do more than ever before within your mobile device’s browser. No longer are there limits and devices can handle the strain of bigger, more immersive games. This is good news for you, as you don’t have to waste space on your device.

The games don’t particularly rely on intensive graphics or elements, so they are easily rendered onto most smartphones and tablets. They also provide superior cross-platform functionality, meaning you play the same games on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. When you download an app, your entire experience might change, making things rather confusing.

A Wide Range of Choices

There are very few online casino games that you can’t play on your mobile device. Some live casino games aren’t yet compatible without an app, as they are streamed from a broadcasting arena, so they may struggle to render on a mobile device.

But, if you’re not too bothered about live casino games, this won’t be an issue for you. You can simply get down to playing your favourite games in your mobile browser. Besides, there are still hundreds of great games to pick from, with more new games coming onto the market monthly. We’re pretty sure you’ll find plenty of fun games to play on the go.

Many mobile casino games also come with a free play function, which makes things even more fun. You can enjoy the games in free mode wherever you are, and then play for real money whenever you want to.

If you’ve been wanting to play casino games on your mobile device, have a go. The browser-based systems offer a fantastic alternative, sometimes even exceeding apps in terms of performance.



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