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Live Dealer casinos have become a very exciting and lucrative way to gamble online and it’s easy to see why. You can play your favourite casino games in a social environment because Live casinos are exactly that, live! In a well-presented environment, you can talk to professional live dealers and be part of the online gambling action from the comfort of your home. Play your favourite online casino games while socialising with well-presented and professional live dealers who host the live tables.

There are a number of factors that can influence your exciting live casino experience. Game selection, software provider, client support and even the dealer skills will impact your gambling experience.

A Live Casino is a live stream of a real-life casino. You can watch the dealer presenting the cards, or spinning the Roulette wheel. Always ensure you’re playing with a fast internet connection, or you may experience sub-par live streaming and you may have to wait a short while before a new game session starts. But even with some hiccups along the way, a live casino experience is the perfect way to pass your time and potentially win some cash.

Why not try live Roulette, live Blackjack or any of your favourite table and card games and see for yourself why it has become the most popular way to enjoy casino games. Be sure to check out our top 10 live casinos to find the best games and bonuses to suit your gaming needs.

Live Casinos – How It All Began

1983 and the internet burst into existence, and just a few short years later, in 1996 to be exact, the online casino world exploded into popularity. Suddenly it wasn’t necessary to travel to a land-based casino to enjoy casino gambling, it was possible to play from the comfort of home. As technology continued its massive development, just playing casino games online wasn’t enough. Although the games were top quality and the graphics became crystal clear, something was missing, a way to bridge the gap between a real live casino and the online casino world and a way for the player to deal, pay and communicate with the casino live, all from the comfort of their own home.

Casino games rely on Random Number Generators, a device that generates a sequence of numbers to shuffle the cards, spin the slot reels and even decide where the Roulette ball will land. RNG’s ensure that the results of the games are random and thus fair for all. However, regardless of these measures, players remained sceptical of computer generators and programmes as they couldn’t physically see the cards being shuffled, the scepticism continued. Software developers worked tirelessly to address these issues and the Live Casino was born. Suddenly the players could see the cards being dealt and this new way of playing casino games online was a massive hit.

In 2003, the software giant Playtech already had an impressive list of live casino services where a live video feed connected the players to the dealers. Casino gameplay became immersive and interactive and this unprecedented way to enjoy Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Poker and other games experienced a boom in the popularity of live casinos. Suddenly Live Dealer games were freely available to players around the world.

When you play casino games from a live dealer casino, you can log in from the comfort of your home or in fact, from anywhere you are. Whether you opt to play from your desktop or on the go with a mobile device, since live dealer casinos happen in real time with real dealers, you are at liberty to ask any questions you have or enjoy a conversation with fellow players via chat from a chat room.

Live Dealer Casinos – An Overview

Live casinos are exactly what the name suggests, a casino that’s real and live, rather than a virtual online casino. For the players that stayed away from online casinos as they missed the human interaction, or from their lack of trust from computer operated games, software developers were quick to address these concerns and the live casino was created.

Initially, there were many challenges to overcome. Streaming technology wasn’t very developed and internet connections were slow but these days both have improved significantly and now players can enjoy lag-free, high-definition live streams. Live casino games have also evolved, where originally the live casino was made up of one dealer, one table and in most cases, one game, Blackjack, today we can enjoy a huge variety of games from Roulette all the way to Baccarat, and some casinos even offer you side games while waiting for a live game to start. The action of live casino gaming is truly around the clock, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Take a look at our list of live dealer casinos and find your perfect fit!

Live Casino Games

Live casinos offer a wide variety of games to suit every kind of player, including beginners. For newcomers, the best way to start is with a few hands of Roulette, a game that is simple enough to get things going without too much of a learning curve. Once you have the betting system down, you can move to a table that offers other games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow along with several other unique games and their many variations. The best part of playing at a live casino is that you don’t have to leave home to enjoy the sounds, sights and thrills of the casino floor.

If you’re keen to try live dealer games, check out our casino reviews to find the right casino for your gaming needs.

How to Start Playing Online Live Casino Games

When it comes to playing live casino games, the dealer is one of the strongest aspects. It’s their job to manage the games, to shuffle, to deal to chat to you as you play and to answer your questions, which they will see as you type them thanks to live streams. They’re well-trained and professional enough to handle any outcome.

Your interactions are real and the casino’s online software or native app manages everything seamlessly. Online live dealer games will even detect your internet connection speed and automatically adjust the streaming quality so you can sit back and enjoy smooth gameplay.

To get started playing live casino games, you simply need to log into your account at your preferred online casino site. Head off to the live casino section and choose the game you wish to play from the wide variety of traditional, classic or new live-dealer games. When you’ve chosen your game you’ll be connected to the dealer and your gaming starts!

You can place your bets electronically via your pc or mobile device and then watch the action as it unfolds live on the table and as with regular online casino games, your wins and losses are processed in your player account.

Safe and Fair Live Casino Games

Always play at a reputable casino that’s regulated and licensed. It would be very disappointing to begin live casino gaming and then find out the games are rigged or worst, play at a scam website. Unfortunately, they do exist, they look like the real deal but they aren’t.

The great news is that it will never happen to you! Our team of professional casino experts scour the internet, take time to review every site, test the games and ultimately bring you the most trustworthy and licensed online live casinos around. Our live dealer casino sites that have made the top list have been thoroughly checked and reviewed and our comprehensive guides, tips and articles ensure that when you play at one of our recommended casinos, powered by the very best software providers in the industry like NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, you can be sure that the games carry the approval of independent gaming auditors such as eCOGRA.

Top Quality Live Dealer Games

Not only are the live casinos on our recommended lists regulated, safe and fair, you’re also guaranteed the best of quality. There certainly are plenty of mediocre live games companies on the web but with so many top-of-the-range developers, our recommended casinos deliver a sensational player experience the result of professionally run live casino games with excellent video streams, sounds and graphics.

We know this because we play each game before we review it so for more information on which companies provide live casino games, the awards they’ve won, be sure to check out our reviews and articles and be assured that of the best in live gaming and be completely assured that you’ll be playing the best games at the very best online casinos.

Fast Live Casino Game Payouts

There’s nothing that beats a winning streak and although the games are games of chance, there is always an element of skill and strategy. If you use certain casino game strategies when playing Roulette, for example, you might quickly land up with a decent amount of cash in your pocket.

But nothing dampens a winning streak more than an online casino that is slow to pay out your winnings. For a totally incredible casino experience, we prioritise live casinos that offer players fast payouts and ideally, pay your winnings in no more than 48 hours, or even sooner!

Take a look through our live casino reviews to find out how long withdrawals take, what the associated fees are and browse through the wide range of live casino games available online!

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